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Local housing needs

‘To ensure that there is an adequate supply of good quality housing of all types and of all tenures, delivered to address the needs of people in Wiltshire’

  • Analysis of needs data
  • Assessment of the research into the housing market

In order to identify housing need, the Council has to establish a strong evidence base about the housing markets in Wiltshire. This is done by way of the Strategic Housing Market Assessments. Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMAs) are cross-boundary studies of the operation of Housing Market Areas.

Planning Policy Statement 3 (Housing) requires local authorities to undertake Strategic Housing Market Assessments as part of the evidence base required to inform Local Development Framework Core Strategies and the development of planning and housing policy.

This council recently commissioned Fordham Research to provide robust evidence to give the authority a comprehensive understanding of its housing market area, having regard to relevant wider housing market areas where appropriate, to inform the emerging Wiltshire Core Strategy and other housing, planning, regeneration and economic development strategies, policies and interventions. The conclusions of the assessment inform the local authority’s strategic enabling role into the future and provide robust and credible evidence of the need for housing within the housing market area.

Find Wiltshire strategic housing market assessments in the download section.


Wiltshire Core Strategy and Wiltshire 2026: Planning for Wiltshire’s Future (Local Development Framework)

The Wiltshire Core Strategy is the most important part of the Local Development Framework (LDF), a suite of planning policy documents that will eventually replace the local plans covering Wiltshire and the South Wiltshire Core Strategy. The emerging Wiltshire Core Strategy is being designed to sustainably balance the economic, social and environmental demands of the area. It will be a plan to tackle Wiltshire’s long-term growth aspirations through collaboration with local communities, business leaders and wider stakeholders.


The overall aim of the Gypsy and Traveller Strategy is that, by 2015, service provision and engagement with Gypsy and Traveller communities will be strengthened, coordinated and in line with our aims to create strong and resilient communities, with the needs of those communities balanced against the needs of the settled population.

More information can be found here

  • Rural areas are facing specific local challenges such as affordable housing, an ageing population, rural isolation, and reduced accessibility
  • Rural communities make up 50% of Wiltshire’s population living in 95% of the geographic area
  • We are continually reviewing rural housing needs surveys in collaboration with parish councils and partner housing associations in order to help better understand the needs of our rural communities.

For copies of the surveys visit the Rural Housing Needs Surveys website. 

If you would like more information on how we measure housing need, please contact the Housing Strategy team on 01249 706563 housing.strategy@wiltshire.gov.uk


We are working with parish councils to identify the housing needs of local people.

Households in parishes across Wiltshire are being asked to take part in a survey that will give up-to-date information about local housing circumstances and aspirations. This information will be used to help us develop our housing and planning policies to best meet these needs, including whether there is a local need for affordable housing in parishes and, if so, of what size and type.

We need your help to find out what is important to you and would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete this survey. We are interested in getting the views both of households in your parish and of households that may live elsewhere but require affordable housing in your parish. If you know someone who does not live in the parish, but is in need of housing within the parish, please let them know about the survey.

All of the information that you give will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be linked with your name or address, nor to any other database; nor will any information be passed on to other agencies or market research organisations.

Once the results from your parish have been received, a report will be produced to show the results and a copy provided to the parish council. Discussions will then be held to decide if any further action is required.

Questionnaires in paper copy large print, Braille, or different languages are also available on request. You can contact the Housing Strategy team on 01249 706563 housing.strategy@wiltshire.gov.uk

Closing date

Winterslow housing needs survey

30 October 2017
Opens 13 September 2017

West Lavington housing needs survey

25 October 2017
Opens 27 September 2017

Southwick housing needs survey

11 December 2017
Opens 30 October 2017

North Bradley housing needs survey

18 December 2017
Opens 13 November 2017

North Newnton housing needs survey

22 December 2017
Opens 20 November 2017

Colerne housing needs survey

16 February 2018
Opens 8 January 2018

Coombe Bissett housing needs survey

16 February 2018
Opens 15 January 2018

Sedgehill and Semley housing needs survey

12 February 2018
Opens 15 January 2018

Clyffe Pypard housing needs survey

16 March 2018
Opens 12 February 2018

Stanton St. Quintin housing needs survey

11 April 2018
Opens 5 March 2018


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strategic housing market assessment

strategic housing market assessment

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