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Self build

Are you interested in building your own home?
If so, you may wish to consider joining the council’s self build register.

Self build involves the designing and building of your own home.
Custom build is when you commission a developer to build your own home for you.
This could include schemes for individuals who are interested in building their own home and also community groups who wish to build homes for the benefit of the local community. 

If you do decide to build your own home you would need to:

  • Identify a plot of land
  • Ensure the land has planning permission or can achieve planning permission
  • Decide what tasks you want to carry out yourself and what tasks you would need to hire a contractor to do
  • Raise the finances required to purchase the land and to design and build your home

The government wants more people to be able to build their own home and has asked local authorities to identify demand for this in their own area. We have therefore set up a register for people who are interested in building their own home, which is to be their sole or main residence.

By registering your interest with us, this will not guarantee that a plot will become available to you. However, it will help us to identify the demand for this in Wiltshire.


If you would like to register your interest, please email the Housing Strategy team or call 01225 713468 for your details to be added to the register.
You will need to be 18 years of age or over. You also need to be either a British citizen, a national of an European Economic Area (EEA) state other than the United Kingdom, or a national of Switzerland.

The information that we will require from you will include: 

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Where you would like to build your home
  • Your current housing situation
  • Any special requirements

If you are a group, we would require the above details for the contact lead and all members of the group, plus the number of plots that would be required.


The information you provide will be used to help us identify demand for self build and custom build in Wiltshire. We will also explore ways in which we can bring people and plots together.
However, registration does not guarantee that you will be provided with a suitable plot.
We will not pass on any information that identifies individuals to anyone outside Wiltshire council without the written consent of the individual.
The information you provide will be will be held securely, ensuring that all requirements set out by the Data Protection Act are met.


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Last updated: 28 March 2018 | Last reviewed: 28 March 2018