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People working on a community project

In your community

A house in Wiltshire

Moving house

  • Request a new council tax bill
  • Benefits change of circumstances
  • Request new bins
  • Changing your child's school
  • Register to vote

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Older people in a park

Older people

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A child

Advice for parents

  • School admissions
  • Register a birth
  • Early years and childcare
  • Funding for two year olds
  • Fostering a child

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A business function

Business advice

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My area

Map Telephone

Find useful details:

  • your library
  • leisure centre
  • household recycling centre
  • local council office
  • your councillors and parishes

Top tasks

  1. Check your primary school place offer
  2. Find a planning application or decision
  3. Apply for a council job
  4. Find school term dates
  5. Pay a parking ticket
  6. Check your rubbish collection days
  7. Renew a library book
  8. Pay your council tax
  9. Find bus timetables
  10. Find your local councillor and area board



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