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Wiltshire's landscape

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What is landscape character assessment?

Landscape Character Assessment is an objective method for describing landscape, based on the identification of generic landscape types (e.g. Open Downland) and more specific landscape character areas (e.g. Marlborough Downs). The approach identifies the unique character of different areas of the countryside without making judgements about their relative worth. Landscape character areas are classified based on sense of place, local distinctiveness, characteristic wildlife, natural features and nature of change.

Wiltshire landscape character assessments

The main Wiltshire Landscape Character Assessment covers the whole of the county at 1:50,000 scale (see the link below). Beneath this assessment nest more detailed 1:25,000 Landscape Character Assessments.

Area specific landscape character assessments

Please Note: The North Wessex Downs document is a large file and therefore may take some time to download.

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