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Cycling, walking and running


Get Wiltshire Walking is a Public Health funded project which aims to ensure every community within the county has access to a FREE weekly led walk. Each walk has its regular starting venue on the same day and time each week. We try to vary the routes each week and always ensure that the slowest walkers are looked after.

Full details of our walks can be found below.

Get Wiltshire Walking

Please see below our schedule of daily walks across Wiltshire.

Free Graded Weekly Walking groups lead by fully qualified walk leaders. Friendly and fun, they are a great opportunity to get fit, meet new people and get to know your local area.

Sorry no dogs, other than sensory dogs, allowed.

A 30 minute walk across a largely flat, stable terrain at a gentle pace with frequent pauses. Suitable for those wishing to become more active or those recovering from surgery or illness.


A 45 - 60 minute walk across varied terrain with some pauses. A progression walk for those looking to increase their physical activity and stamina.


This is a 60 - 90 minute largely continuous walk across varied terrain including some gradients. A walk intended to offer a more vigorous pace and workout.

All our walks are led by fully trained leaders who are able to manage and tailor the walk to meet the needs of the requirements of the participants. Providing you are independently mobile and able to meet the physical demands of the walk, everyone is welcome.

By attending the walk participants are declaring themselves fit for the activity and they maintain responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing throughout the walk.


Download the Wiltshire Walking schedule of walks

Testimonials from walkers

Get Wiltshire Walking has generated so many amazing testimonials from walkers - read more of their stories below:

I have walked with the Cricklade Get Wiltshire Walking group for over 6 years and know the community spirit and help it in times of need.

Recently I found out, first hand, just how important that support can be. Eight weeks ago, following an insect bite, I developed cellulitis in my foot and leg.
I was unable to drive and I had extreme difficulty walking.  As a widow with my family a 100+ miles away in different directions, I would have really struggled without the help and support of my friends in the walking group.

I had so many offers of help: transport, shopping, plus home visits (with flowers and magazines) and ‘phone chats to help with my morale. One lady drove me to/from the hospital daily, over 6 days, as I needed intravenous antibiotics; another helped me ferry my cats to/from the cattery. Then there were trips out for coffee and short walks, once I was more mobile. I also received messages of support from other GWW walk groups, friends made during challenge walks; not forgetting regular contact by the walk co-ordinators.

It’s scary to realise how quickly life can change: I went from very active and enjoying the benefits of long walks, to being housebound.I am now on the mend, still limping but able to join with the starter walk followed by coffee and a chat with all the walkers at the United Church coffee morning.  I now have the confidence to make short daily solo walks. I have no doubt that without the support of my local walking group life would have been very different and my recovery would have been affected.

Importantly, my family could rest easy in the knowledge that I was being well supported.


Ben joined the Ludgershall walking group after his aunt saw the flyer in the local library. As a child, Ben was fit and active, but he began to suffer ill health in 1999 and was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2000.

Ben's experience with Get Wiltshire Walking has helped to turn his life around. His own self-discipline and determination, and the regular walking sessions, have seen him lose more than seven stone in weight, reducing his back pain, regaining his mobility and helping him to become a great deal more confident, outgoing and interested in pursuing exercise and other sporting activities.

The group has provided Ben with a regular form of outdoor exercise, an opportunity to socialise, make new friends and to learn about his local area, plus the chance to develop and use new leadership skills as a volunteer walk leader and give something back to the group.

Ben's inspirational story shows how Get Wiltshire Walking can provide not just an opportunity for physical exercise, but it can also help to improve mental health, combat social isolation, build confidence and offer opportunities to develop new skills. 

Alternate Mondays
Trowbridge walking forum
1.5 mile short walks.5 mile long walks

Trowbridge walking forum

MondaySalisbury and District Walking for Health
Short, and Longer walks available as well as bus walk
Pam Rouquette on 01722 334209
TuesdayTrowbridge walking for health
3 miles
Alan Thirlwell on 01225 760492 or Alf Moreton on 01225 755727 or Email alfran44@btinternet.com
Second Sunday of the month and last Tuesday of the month
Bradford on Avon walkers are welcome
Usually between 5 and 7 miles occasionally longer

walk bradford on avon or email walkboa@gmail.com


Running - Beginners Running Courses

Running Wiltshire operates a series of Beginners Running Courses throughout the year at various locations across Wiltshire. These courses, delivered by Amy Chalk (Wiltshire Councils Run Activator), adapt a sofa to 5km approach through a combination of walking, jogging and running. Since 2018 courses have been delivered at:

  • Stanley Park, Chippenham
  • St Peter's School
  • Amesbury
  • Melksham
  • Tidworth
  • Pewsey

The sessions are designed to allow the group to have the skills to carry on running once the 10 week course is complete.

This September 2019 we have courses starting at the following locations:

  • Royal Wootton Bassett - meeting at Lime Kiln Leisure Centre
  • Malmesbury - meeting at The Activity Zone

If you are interested in finding out more about the courses email Amy at Amy.Chalk@wiltshire.gov.uk or alternatively complete a registration form below for our current or upcoming courses in 2019.

Details of our upcoming Beginners Running Courses, this September, can be found in the documents below. 

Malmesbury PDF (189kb)

Registration Form

Complete the Running registration form below and email to Amy Chalke, Wiltshire Council's Running Activator.

Pewsey Beginners Running Group, January 2019

Running Opportunities in Wiltshire

Wiltshire has a thriving running community and there are numerous groups across the county which are organised by trained leaders. These groups are very welcoming and are a great social environment in which people of any fitness level can participate in running. As a council we strive to support these groups and established clubs to offer sessions from the complete beginner to the elite runner.

Amy Chalk, Run Activator, helps and supports the run leaders within these groups as well as initiating new groups and running opportunities across the county. We hope you find the information below helpful to finding a running group in your area.

The groups range from complete beginners to advanced levels. Below are some of the groups listed with leaders contact details.


Shrewton Running Club. Visit the website www.shrewtonrunning.club

New members welcome


School gate runs

A social session for complete beginners to start exercising straight after the school drop off.

Bring the buggy if required and join us at the school gate for a 45 minute active session. 


If you would like more information or advice contact your Wiltshire Activator, Amy Chalk.

Email: Amy.Chalk@wiltshire.gov.uk  Phone: 07917213726


Find out all you need to know to get cycling in Wiltshire.

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