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Online classes

Details of our online exercise class programmes are below - all of which are free of charge during this period of COVID-19 lockdown. 

You will need the Microsoft Teams application to access any of these classes, which can be downloaded through the app store on your phone, tablet or computer or found by searching on Google

Exercise disclaimer 

Before you start any physical activity session, please make sure that it is safe for you to exercise based on any current health or medial conditions you may have. Make sure you have plenty of space around you in order to perform any exercises that you take part in, and that you're wearing the appropriate attire, including footwear, to the activity you're participating in. If you feel ill, or unwell, at any point during the session please stop what you are doing. 

Juniors aged 14 and 15, may attend these exercise classes when accompanied by a responsible adult (aged 16 plus), but should not take part in any weight bearing exercises as part of any of our online classes. 

Class programme - access

Step 1: Ensure that you are accessing this webpage on the same device that you have Microsoft Teams downloaded to. 

Step 2: Click on the name of the class on this webpage, five minutes before the class start time to access it directly through your Teams app. 

Step 3: Join as guest, type your name and click 'Join Meeting' 

Class programme - schedule

Take a look at the programme, choose what you want to attend, then at the time of the class, find it in on the day to day drop down lists below and click the relevant class to access it. 


Time Class Instructor
9.30am - 10.30am Yoga Liz (Calne Leisure Centre)
9.30am - 10.30am Clubbercise Cella (Nadder Centre)
11.30am - 12.30pm Chair based yoga Sandie (The Vale Community Campus)
12noon - 12.30pm Ab Blast  Connor (Calne Leisure Centre)
5.30pm - 6.30pm Yoga Julia (Springfield Community Campus)
7pm - 8pm  Les Mills Body Pump Naomi (Tidworth Leisure Centre)
7pm - 7.55pm Circuits Claire (Calne Leisure Centre)

* Not available Monday 3 August 




Time Class Instructor
9.30am - 10.30am Yoga Liz (Calne Leisure Centre)
11am - 11.30am Ab Blast * Sanj (The Vale Community Campus)
6pm - 6.45pm Zumba Julia (Springfield Community Campus) 
6pm - 6.55pm Les Mills Body Pump Claire (Calne Leisure Centre)
7pm - 7.45pm HIIT Connor (Calne Leisure Centre)
7pm - 8pm DanceFit Wendy (Nadder Centre)

 * This session will not run on Tuesday 21 July 



Time Class Instructor
9.30am - 10.30am Kettlercise Cella (Nadder Centre)
11am - 11.45am Kettlebells * Sanj (The Vale Community Campus) 
1pm - 1.45pm Les Mills Grit  Claire (Calne Leisure Centre)
6pm - 6.30pm Pilates Corrina (Devizes Leisure Centre) 
6pm - 6.45pm HIIT Lisa (Marlborough Leisure Centre)

* This session will not run on Wednesday 22 July 



Time Class  Instructor
9.30am - 10.15am HIIT Legs, Bums and Tums Lisa (Marlborough Leisure Centre)
10am - 10.55am Les Mills Body Pump Claire (Calne Leisure Centre)
11.05am - 11.35am  Ab Blast  Claire (Calne Leisure Centre) 
5.45pm - 6.45pm DanceFit Wendy (Nadder Centre)
6.30pm - 7.15pm Spin / Turbo Train  Claire (Calne Leisure Centre)




Time Class Instructor
9am - 9.30am Active Plus Wendy (Nadder Centre)
9.30am - 10.30am Strong by Zumba (HIIT) Cella (Nadder Centre)
10am - 10.45am Les Mills Body Balance * Ellie (Tidworth Leisure Centre)
5pm - 5.45pm Les Mills Body Pump Lisa (Marlborough Leisure Centre)
6pm - 7pm Legs, Bums & Tums  Sanj (The Vale Community Campus)

* Not available Friday 7 and 14 August


10am - 10.45amZumbaJulia (Springfield Community Campus)
11am - 11.55amKettlebells *Claire (Calne Leisure Centre)
1pm - 1.55pmLes Mills Body Pump Claire (Calne Leisure Centre) 

* This will be at 11.30am on Saturday 1 August 


9.30am - 10.30amHatha YogaSandie (The Vale Community Campus)


Top tips

1) Mute your microphone once the class starts so that the only voice you hear will be the instructor

2) If you have any issues or need some clarification hit the 'raise hand' button on your Teams toolbar on the screen - that will give the instructor notice that you need help

3) Pin your instructor to the screen by right clicking the instructor's face on a laptop / computer and choose 'pin' or using a tablet or phone, hold your finger down on their face and then touch 'pin'.

4) Use the chat function in the meeting to chat to others during and after the meeting if you wish - but please don't share any personal data in the chat. 

For more information on adjusting your view in Teams please click here and for our full user guide to support your access from whatever device you're using, please download our guide below. 


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Participant User Guide Online Classes On Microsoft Teams

Size 1.4mb

Other online sessions

Sports Development's Walking Sports and Healthier Communities have weekly online exercise sessions that can be joined via Microsoft teams. (See top of page for tips on using Microsoft Teams and to download the Participants Guide).

Tuesdays6.30pm - 7.30pmThis Girl Can              Ash           
Wednesdays2pm - 3pmWalking FootballAsh
Thursdays10am - 11amWalking NetballBecca

If you would like to join one of these sessions please email sportsdevelopment@wiltshire.gov.uk

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Last updated: 31 July 2020 | Last reviewed: 31 July 2020