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Swim challenge

Swim challenge is exactly what it sounds like. We provide motivational challenges at all our swimming pools and encourage people to have a go at them - member or non-member. 

2018: The big one - swim the length of the River Thames! 

  • 346 kilometres long - the equivalent of 215 miles, or 13,840 lengths of the pool 
  • Enter at reception and log your lengths each time you swim on the Thames Challenge sheet 
  • Every month we will update the sheet and total up your distances to date
  • We'll then share highlights and total distances for each leisure centre
  • No fee to enter - just challenge yourself to do something epic! 

April update - alternative distances 

For those of you for whom the dream of swimming the Thames is now slightly out of reach, here are some alternative options for you to re-focus on and keep swimming! 

• Grand Union Canal, 137 miles from London to Birmingham - 8,820 lengths

• Kennet and Avon Canal: 87 miles - 5,600 lengths

• River Tamar in the South West: 50 miles - 3,200 lengths

Good luck! 

The journey so far...

The table below shows the number of lengths swam in each centre as part of this challenge! Updated 11 July 2018

Calne Leisure Centre 25,582
Devizes Leisure Centre 9,628
Durrington Swimming Pool 103,594
Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre49,254
Marlborough Leisure Centre75,065
Springfield Community Campus 31,437
Tidworth Leisure Centre 1,515

That means over 4,626 miles completed in this challenge already by everyone involved, three individuals who have completed the challenge and a number of swimmers well on course to complete the big one #SwimTheThames! 

Well done to everyone involved and a particular congratulations to our three completer's to date! 

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Last updated: 11 July 2018 | Last reviewed: 11 July 2018