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Swim challenge

Swim challenge is exactly what it sounds like. We provide motivational challenges at all our swimming pools and encourage people to have a go at them - member or non-member. 

2018: The big one - swim the length of the River Thames! 

  • 346 kilometres long - the equivalent of 215 miles, or 13,840 lengths of the pool 
  • Enter at reception and log your lengths each time you swim on the Thames Challenge sheet 
  • Every month we will update the sheet and total up your distances to date
  • We'll do a top 10 leaderboard in site and a top 10 across all sites each month
  • No fee to enter - just challenge yourself to do something epic! 

Bi monthly challenges

Every two months we'll set you a new challenge which requires slightly less long term commitment and motivation than 'The big one!' These will feature bronze, silver and gold achievement levels at different distances . Simply sign up, give it a go and let us know when you reach one of the levels - we have certificates at reception for you to hold, we'll take a photo and share your success on social media. Then just sit back and watch your friends join in to congratulate you! 

Watch out for new challenges coming soon!

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Last updated: 28 February 2018 | Last reviewed: 28 February 2018