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Walking Sports

When I started walking rugby in January I had some reservations about interest and on going commitment. This was totally unfounded and virtually the whole group that started with me have stuck with it. Everyone has said how they enjoy the buzz and excitement of being back into the rugby and physical world.

The fun factor is a driving force and handling a rugby ball again has awakened a sleeping giant that many of us thought had fallen asleep many years ago. The social side of rugby is also alive and well to the extent that many of the group meet up for a beer after training. It's great for me personally but my colleagues will agree that our fitness and awareness has improved considerably as with our blood pressure and core fitness. Of all activities for the over 65's I'd recommend Walking Sports first and foremost. 

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Fitness for all

It's sometimes truly what our leisure centre members get up to, and when the swimming pool isn't quite big enough....find somewhere bigger to swim! Alexandra Hayden, a member at Durrington Swimming and Fitness Centre has completed three phenomenal swims this year; 3.8km at Studland, Dorset in July, 6.5km around Brownsea Island in July and finally 8.6km along the length of Coniston Water in the Lake District in September! She says, 'Thanks for the support it means a lot to have a cheery face saying hi when you turn up for another pool session!' 

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Get Wiltshire Walking

Get Wiltshire Walking provides regular, weekly walking opportunities through sociable groups operating in a number of different locations throughout the county. Gill was widowed two years ago and needed to create a new circle of friends for herself with her previous live mainly revolving around her husband. The Amesbury walking group was suggested to her by someone she met at a book club, so she went along. Gill now says that it made a huge difference to her life. She walks regularly with the Amesbury and Salisbury groups, it has improved her fitness, she's seen parts of the county she's never explored before and learnt things about different places from the people on the walks. The fresh air and exercise has undoubtedly improved her health and well-being and she no longer feels isolated and at times very lonely.  

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Last updated: 24 October 2017 | Last reviewed: 24 October 2017