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Walking Sports

Jenny joined walking netball after being encouraged from a friend already participating. She was concerned that she'd never played the traditional game the rules were easy to pick up and lots of the participants either hadn't played since school or never experienced netball before. I attended my first session just over a year ago and kept attending since.

The obvious benefits of the session are to get exercise and get fitter, but there is a really strong social side to the group. We always meet for coffee after the session and now have a texting group so we can keep in touch with each other during the week. We have formed a little walking netball family! There is a good bond between all the group and have great friendships.

Wednesday afternoons are now sacrosanct, nothing comes between me and my walking netball! I'm 72 years old but I rarely miss a session and make sure my plans fit around it.

I would most definitely encourage all people to come and try out walking netball, the sessions are so enjoyable and there is a lovely vibe.

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Active Health

David has Huntington's disease and before he started the gym was unable to talk in a group environment and to walk up to the gym which he can now do without taking the lift and can now open the doors by himself and walk along the corridor to the gym without any assistance.

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Ben Elliot GWW

Get Wiltshire Walking

Ben joined the Ludgershall walking group after his aunt saw the flyer in the local library. As a child, Ben was fit and active, but he began to suffer ill health in 1999 and was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2000.

Ben's experience with Get Wiltshire Walking has helped to turn his life around. His own self-discipline and determination, and the regular walking sessions, have seen him lose more than seven stone in weight, reducing his back pain, regaining his mobility and helping him to become a great deal more confident, outgoing and interested in pursuing exercise and other sporting activities.

The group has provided Ben with a regular form of outdoor exercise, an opportunity to socialise, make new friends and to learn about his local area, plus the chance to develop and use new leadership skills as a volunteer walk leader and give something back to the group.

Ben's inspirational story shows how Get Wiltshire Walking can provide not just an opportunity for physical exercise, but it can also help to improve mental health, combat social isolation, build confidence and offer opportunities to develop new skills. 

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Last updated: 2 March 2018 | Last reviewed: 2 March 2018