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Wiltshire cycleway

Update April 2020

Please note: Longleat Estate has temporarily restricted access, so there is a diversion in place. See the diversion.

The Wiltshire Cycleway circles the county for 160 miles (255km). The route has been designed to be cycled in an anti-clockwise direction and can be shortened by using our cross county routes along the Kennet and Avon Canal, through the Vale of Pewsey or down the Wylye Valley. The Wiltshire Cycleway also links to Sustrans National Routes and the South West Historical National Byway.

To make the route more accessible, the Wiltshire Cycleway has been split into 16 sections; you can download details of these sections below.

Every effort has been made to ensure that both the maps and directions are correct. If you have any comments or queries, email transportplanning@wiltshire.gov.uk.

Section numberStart and finishDistance
Section 1
Bradford on Avon to Dilton Marsh
10.6 miles (17km)
Section 2
Dilton Marsh to Maiden Bradley11.1. miles (17.8km)
Section 3
Maiden Bradley to Mere9.8 miles (15.7km)
Section 4
Mere to Donhead St Mary11.4 miles (18.3km)
Section 5
Donhead St Mary to Broad Chalke
9.6 miles (15.5km)
Section 6
Board Chalke to Salisbury9.2 miles (14.8km)
Section 7
Salisbury to Amesbury9.5 miles (15.2km)
Section 8
Amesbury to Everleigh10.2 miles (16.5km)
Section 9
Everleigh to Great Bedwyn11.1 miles (17.8km)
Section 10
Great Bedwyn to Marlborough12.7 miles (20.4km)
Section 11
Marlborough to Clyffe Pypard10 miles (16.1km)
Section 12
Clyffe Pypard to Callow Hill
7 miles (11.2km)
Section 13
Callow Hill to Malmesbury8.4 miles (13.5km)
Section 14
Malmesbury to Yatton Keynell10.8 miles (17.3km)
Section 15
Yatton Keynell to Corsham
4.6 miles (7.4km)
Section 16
Corsham to Bradford on Avon9.5 miles (15.3km)

Note: The Wiltshire Cycleway has been devised by Wiltshire Council with routes that have been identified as lightly trafficked where possible. All routes are signed where appropriate.

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Last updated: 29 April 2020 | Last reviewed: 29 April 2020