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Country parks and open spaces

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Biss Meadows

Biss Meadows is situated along the River Biss providing a rich variety of habitats for wildlife; including ponds, scrapes, wildflower meadows, scrub and trees. With such diversity Biss offers a valuable haven for a wide range of birds, mammals and amphibians.

Its central location makes it an ideal place to get close to nature. If you are very lucky you may even catch the blue flash of a Kingfisher along the river.

This area also provides a direct link from Trowbridge Town Centre to the open countryside beyond.

Each season offers something different to see, with over 250 plant species having been recorded. In Spring look out for the yellow cowslips. As the season develops purple loosestrife provides a striking addition and by late Summer the meadow is a riot of colour as more and more plants burst in to flower. Even the chill of Winter brings its own magic to Biss Meadows when the scenery can be completely changed by rising waters or a heavy frost.

Biss Meadows acts as an important flood plain during wet weather, which can result in large areas being under water after extended periods of heavy rain.

The area is popular with local residents and in 2008 a group of residents formed ‘The Friends of Biss Meadows’. This group hold regular working parties and nature inspired events. They are working with Wiltshire Council to enhance this unique area for the benefit of everyone.

For more information on the Friends group please visit: www.bissmeadows.org.uk.

Location: Biss Meadows extends from the town centre to the south east edge of Trowbridge and can be accessed from Trowbridge Park.

Grid Reference: ST 862574

Parking: Parking is available in Castle Street car park, which provides access to the main park.

Toilets: The nearest toilets are situated in Trowbridge Park.


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