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Computer use by 5 to 15 year olds

Under 16s are allowed access to the computers provided their parent or guardian has visited a library and completed a Parental Consent Form. If their parent or guardian withdraws consent before they become 16, access will not be permitted. The responsibility for monitoring the material accessed by under 16s remains with their parent or guardian.

Under 13 years old will not be able to access any social networking sites. 13 -16 year olds will need to complete a Social Networking – Parental Consent Form with their parent or guardian before they can access social networking sites.

The Internet is a source of great fun, interesting sites and useful information but there are also dangers. The latest information about the sites and services that young people people like to use, plus information about mobiles, gaming, downloading, social networking and much more can be found by visiting Childnet International.

Further information about staying safe online can be found by selecting the headings below.

  • Always keep your name, address, mobile phone number and password private - it´s like giving out the keys to your home
  • Meeting someone you have contacted on the Internet can be dangerous
  • Only do so with your parent or guardian's permission and when they can be present
  • Opening emails or files from people you don't really know or trust can get you into trouble
  • They may contain nasty messages or viruses 
  • Remember that someone online may be lying and may not be who they say they are
  • Stick to public areas in chat rooms and, if you feel uncomfortable, get out
  • Tell your parent, carer or the library staff if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried
  • CBBC search
  • Qwant junior - a search engine that doesn't collect data about its users as they search
  • Also, just in case you should ever need to use it, Childline, the website and helpline (0800 1111) for children and young people with a problem

The sites listed have been chosen because they should be suitable for children and young people. Information you find on them may not always be accurate, or suitable for homework purposes.


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