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Many toddlers and young children are restless and excitable. This is normal, as they have lots of energy and are constantly learning about the world and moving from one experience to the next. However, some children are extremely overactive and do not grow out of this type of behaviour. It can become rare to see them calm and relaxed. For more information about ADHD, go to the Virgin Care website.


Children's Community Health Services in Wiltshire are provided by Virgin Care. Services are:

  • Public Health Nursing (Health Visiting and School nursing)
  • Children's Community Nursing
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Learning Disability Nursing
  • Community Paediatrics
  • Children's Continuing Care
  • Looked after Children
  • CYP Training

For further information about each of these services, go to the Virgin Care single point of access:


For more information about the SWAPP, a programme between parents and their child’s setting or school that aims to build an understanding of autism and the challenges and delights it can present.


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Last updated: 2 January 2019 | Last reviewed: 2 January 2019