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Local development scheme

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What is the local development scheme (LDS) ?

The PDFLocal Development Scheme Local Development Scheme 599kb (LDS) is a three year rolling project plan for producing the local development framework (LDF).

It sets out the local development documents (LDDs), including development plan documents (DPDs), prioritised for production by Wiltshire Council and a timetable for their delivery over the three year period. The LDS thereby commits council resources to a programme of work.

It is also the starting point for the local community and stakeholders to find out about the status of Wiltshire's planning policies, and sets out which documents form part of the development plan for Wiltshire and will be used to make decisions on planning applications.

The Council is also responsible for monitoring progress made in preparing its LDDs against the work programme set out in the LDS. Progress will be reported every year in the Council's annual monitoring report.

Wiltshire Local Development Scheme December 2016

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 as amended by the Localism Act 2011 requires the council to prepare and maintain a Local Development Scheme (LDS) setting out a rolling three year programme of work to deliver local planning policy documents. This iteration of the LDS covers the period 2016 – 2019 and identifies the Local Development Documents (LDDs) prioritised for production by Wiltshire Council, and sets out a timetable for their delivery over the next three years. The first LDS was approved by the Implementation Executive (The Implementation Executive was the body of elected Councillors responsible for the creation of the new council). It was drawn from all the previous district and county councils in Wiltshire (17 in total and included representation from all political parties) of Wiltshire Council in January 2009 and related to the period 2009 - 2012. It brought together the work already undertaken by the former authorities of Kennet, North Wiltshire, Salisbury, West Wiltshire and Wiltshire County Council.

The council has a duty to maintain an up-to-date LDS. This revision to the 2015 LDS continues to include the following development Plan Documents (DPD):

  • Chippenham Site Allocations DPD, which will allocate sites for development at the town to accommodate the levels of growth set out within the Core Strategy.
  • Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations DPD, which will identify, where necessary, new sites for housing, to provide surety of delivery over the plan period to 2026 and will include a review of the settlement boundaries in the Wiltshire Core Strategy.
  • Gypsy and Traveller Development Plan Document, which will include output from a full Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment (GTAA) to inform a review and update of Core Strategy Policy 47 on Gypsies and Travellers.
  • Partial review of the Wiltshire Core Strategy, which will involve a review of the saved 2011 local plan policies not replaced by the Wiltshire Core Strategy and include policies to positively plan for all town centres in Wiltshire.

The Wiltshire Core Strategy identifies other planning policy documents that may need to be prepared in order to provide support for the implementation of core policies.

Please find below a link to the latest iteration of the Wiltshire Local Development Scheme.

Wiltshire PDFLocal Development Scheme Local Development Scheme 599kb December 2016

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