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Archaeology and historic environment record

  • The Wiltshire and Swindon Historic Environment Record online allows you to search information on the archaeological sites, monuments and finds in Wiltshire and Swindon

It contains over 20,000 records on a variety of sites:

  • Below-ground archaeology
  • Cropmarks and finds
  • Historic buildings and bridges
  • Battlefields and sites of historic events

Please note that the information contained on this website is not suitable for planning, development management or agri-environment purposes.
Individuals or organisations requiring information for these purposes must contact the Wiltshire and Swindon Historic Environment Record directly for appropriate data by email archaeology@wiltshire.gov.uk

We would welcome your feedback on the website and also any new or additional information that you may wish to provide, please email archaeology@wiltshire.gov.uk

Before using the Wiltshire and Swindon Historic Environment Record online please make sure that you have read the conditions of use.

  • The public accessibility of the sites listed in the Wiltshire and Swindon Historic Environment Record (HER) is not known, although the majority are in private ownership. Please ensure you check and do not visit without permission
  • Wiltshire Council is the copyright holder of the HER and must be acknowledged in any reference or summary of the data
  • Some information held in the HER may also be the copyright of others, who must be acknowledged. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that copyright law is not breached
  • Information obtained from the HER must not be used to the detriment of the historic environment and the information may be withdrawn if this occurs
  • The data held on the HER has been compiled from a variety of sources over almost 40 years. While every effort has been made to compile an accurate record, it should not be regarded as definitive and the original sources should be consulted if necessary
  • The location of documentary sources, artefacts, photographs and archives mentioned in the HER cannot be guaranteed
  • Wiltshire Council bears no legal responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the website or the information contained in it, and accepts no liability for indirect, consequential or incidental damages or losses arising from use of the website
  • The data is provided for information only and must not be relied upon for legal or planning related work. Detailed mapping is available directly from the HER

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Metal detection is not allowed on council owned land. Further information on the policy can be found on the parks and open spaces page.


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Last updated: 21 October 2019 | Last reviewed: 21 October 2019