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12 December 2019

General Election results

The General Election took place on 12 December 2019.

The results for each of the five Wiltshire constituencies can be found below.


The General Election result for the Chippenham constituency has been confirmed.
The result is as follows:

• Martha Anachury Labour Party: 6,399
• Helen Belcher Liberal Democrats: 19,706
• Michelle Donelan Conservative Party: 30,994

The turnout was 57,437, which equates to 74.38%


The General Election result for the Devizes constituency has been confirmed.

The results are as follows:

Emma Dawnay  Green Party: 2,809

Danny Kruger  Conservative Party : 32,150

Rachael Schneider Labour Party: 7,838

Jo Waltham Liberal Democrats: 8,157

The turnout was 51,223 which equates to 69.81%

North Wiltshire

The General Election result for the North Wiltshire constituency has been confirmed:
The results are as follows:

• Jon Fisher Labour Party: 5,699
• James Gray Conservative Party: 32,373
• Bonnie Jackson Green Party: 1,939
• Brian Mathew Liberal Democrats: 14,747

The turnout was 54,982 , which equates to 75.03%


Victoria Charleston  Liberal Democrats: 10,544

Tom Corbin Labour Party: 9,675

John Glen Conservative Party: 30,280

Rick Page Green Party: 2,486

King Arthur Pendragon Independent: 745

The turnout was 53,906 which equates to 72.29

South West Wiltshire

The General Election result for the South West Wiltshire constituency has been confirmed.
The result is as follows:

  • Andrew Murrison Conservative Party: 33,038
  • Ellen Nicholson Liberal Democrats: 8,015
  • Julie Philips Green Party: 2,434
  • Emily Pomroy-Smith Labour Party: 11,408

The turnout was 55,141, which equates to 71%

The General Election in numbers:

  • Number of candidates for Wiltshire's five constituencies: 20
  • Number of people registered to vote in the election: 376,417
  • Number of newly registered electors since the election was formally called: 25,366
  • Number of polling stations in Wiltshire: 357
  • Number of hours the polling stations are open for on election day: 15
Last updated: 13 December 2019 | Last reviewed: 13 December 2019

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