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15 May 2018

Consultation on special schools

A consultation is being launched to assess how best to meet the requirements for special school provision in Wiltshire into the future.

Wiltshire's collaborative work in the improvement of special education has now reached the stage of consultation on the future of three of its special schools.

Wiltshire Council will need an additional 220 places by 2026 for children and young people with special needs and/or disabilities. There is also a need to address where the schools are placed to ensure sufficient spaces are available for different needs in the north and south. Some pupils currently have to travel up to 90 minutes to attend school.

At a cabinet meeting this week it was decided to consult to help decide on one of three options for future special school provision for cognitive needs. The options are:

  • Develop a single school
  • Develop two schools
  • Develop/continue three schools in Chippenham, Trowbridge and Rowdeford

The results of the consultation will go back to cabinet for any further action including the possibility of publishing statutory notices for formal consultation on any specific proposal.

Laura Mayes, cabinet member for children said: "It's important we get this right for all our children and young people. Our teachers and school staff do an amazing job, and in some cases, in very challenging facilities. We want to provide the right facilities for the 21st century so they can teach and support our children and young people in an environment where they can thrive.

"This consultation puts the options on the table fairly so we avoid people having to make unnecessary journeys to attend school and pupils can learn in great classrooms that meet their needs and support them to reach their potential."

Last updated: 15 May 2018 | Last reviewed: 15 May 2018

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