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01 August 2018

Great news - you're now able to recycle even more!

It's now easier than ever to recycle rubbish as Wiltshire Council aims to divert even more waste from landfill and save money.  

As well as the usual plastic bottles, cardboard and shredded paper that people can currently recycle, people will now be able to leave these items in their blue-lidded bin:

  • plastic pots, tubs and trays
  • food and drink cartons

Black plastic and plastic films cannot be recycled.

People can continue to recycle the following items in their black box:

  • paper
  • glass bottles and jars
  • tins and cans
  • clean foil
  • empty aerosols
  • bagged textiles and clothes

To add to the convenience, people's fortnightly collection day and time will remain the same. 

Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council's cabinet member for waste, said: "Recycling saves energy, costs less and frees up space in household waste bins.

"It also has less impact on the environment than burying it in landfill or burning it to generate energy, so the more we can recycle, the better it is for all of us. Residents will get an improved service without the confusion of changed collection days so it's good news all round."

In 2017/18, 45.24% of household waste in Wiltshire was recycled and it is hoped the new service will help increase that.

For more information, including what can be recycled in each bin, people should visit http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling

To find out what happens to the kerbside recyclable waste that's collected, people should visit http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/what-happens-to-recycling

Last updated: 1 August 2018 | Last reviewed: 1 August 2018

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