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08 March 2017

Students embrace Wiltshire Council healthy living project

Congratulations to the Westbury health trainers for delivering this successful, stimulating, educational and fun project and to the six students who participated

Jerry Wickham

A group of students from Fairfield Farm College, who have been working on a healthy living pilot project with Wiltshire Council health trainers, celebrated their success with an end of course lunch recently which they had planned and prepared themselves.

Fairfield Farm College in Dilton Marsh, Westbury, is a specialist collage for students with learning disabilities, and the project was delivered as part of the Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE) curriculum focused on living healthier and happier lives with a mixture of discussions and games to aid the students' learning and understanding. Topics covered included the risks associated with smoking and drinking alcohol; the importance of physical fitness and eating a healthy and balanced diet; and a session on emotional wellbeing.

Health trainers Deb Griffin and Bev Salter designed and delivered this new group work package and were supported by sports development officer Matt Pearson, who visited the group to show fun ways to keep fit and active indoors and outdoors as well as confined spaces such as a bedroom or sitting room.

Jerry Wickham, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for public protection added. "Congratulations to the Westbury health trainers for delivering this successful, stimulating, educational and fun project and to the six students who participated. Fairfield Farm College is a unique establishment in the community and I am so pleased the students have benefited hugely from the help of Bev and Deb."

Bev and Deb, the council's health trainers, said: "It has been a privilege to work with these students and to get to know them over the course of six weeks we have learned a lot from them and hopefully they have taken away some new knowledge around making healthier choices in their day-to day lives. We hope to support other adults with learning difficulties across the county using the tools and resources that have been developed. Our thanks go to Morrisons supermarket which provided the food for the celebratory meal, however, the biggest thanks goes to the six young men who participated in the sessions."

Liam Cripps, community engagement manager for Westbury, who attended the celebratory meal, said: "It has been a pleasure seeing all the hard work and effort put in by students, staff and our Wiltshire Council health trainers coming together for this celebratory meal. Being fortunate enough to spend some time with the students it is clear how much they have enjoyed the learning experiences of this project and how they will apply these things to their lives. A big thank you to Fairfield Farm College for hosting and I hope we can support a similar project in the future."

One of the students commented: "It was interesting to find out what is in a cigarette as well as nicotine and how much a packet of cigarettes costs".

Another student added: "I liked the game where we guessed the number of units in a drink and then poured that drink into a measuring cup everyone put too much into the glass showing how easy it is to consume more than 2-3 units a day."

Debbie Farley Vice principle of Fairfield Farm College said: "All the learners enjoyed the celebratory meal and they felt proud cooking for so many visitors. It required real team work to be ready on time. It was a great celebration to mark a great partnership - well done all."

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