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On street parking and waiting restrictions

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Wiltshire Council has a duty to manage the roads (except trunk roads). In order to do this, controls and restrictions are introduced for environmental reasons and to improve traffic flows, road safety and access arrangements.

Where new on-street parking controls are required or existing restrictions need changing, a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) has to be made. The process of making a legal TRO involves a lengthy process laid down by legislation.

Making a TRO ensures the restrictions are legally enforceable and that the objectives of a new traffic scheme are met. Restrictions that require a TRO include:

  • Waiting
  • Loading bays
  • Parking bays
  • Taxi rank clearways

The council has a way to browse the restrictions in place on the county's roads. Text schedules, which describe the lengths of parking and waiting restrictions in a Text Based Traffic Regulation Order (TBTRO), are being replaced by Map Based Traffic Regulation Orders (MBTRO).maps that show these restrictions on a map.

MBTROs are currently available for the towns and parishes of North Wiltshire, East Wiltshire (Kennet), West Wiltshire and for Salisbury.

Parking and waiting restrictions for south Wiltshire parishes will be converted from text schedules to map schedules in the near future.

Current MBTROs

Select a letter from the A to Z list to choose a location in Wiltshire that currently has parking and waiting restrictions.

You can then view details of the MBTRO and maps of the current parking and waiting restrictions for the selected location.

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All parking and waiting restrictions will be clearly signed, detailing any permitted times of parking.

Double yellow lines are in force at all times and are not accompanied by any additional signage. You may load and unload on double yellow lines; however, this process needs to be continuous and may not be interrupted by other activities.

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Last updated: 3 June 2014


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