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Land and property assets

The data published below is made public under the Open Government Licence, which encourages the ‘use and re-use of the Information that is available under this licence freely and flexibly'.  Please read and agree to the Open Government Licence before making use of the data.

Please note that where a dataset has been updated, or revised to correct administrative error, a second version is published and the original will remain available.

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Land and property system
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As part of our commitment to the Government’s transparency agenda we have published a detailed list of all our land and property assets categorised by type of asset, address and tenure type.

We hope that will assist local authorities and communities to find where our property assets are located and the status of each.

The Government has issued a Code of Recommended Practise for local authorities on data transparency and encourage councils to publish information to help residents and businesses.

Any interest in the assets listed should be emailed to PropertyAssets@wiltshire.gov.uk where receipt of enquiries will be acknowledged, prior to their being forwarded to the appropriate contact with detailed knowledge of the asset involved who will respond directly.In some cases we may need to treat your enquiry as a request under the Freedom of Information Act.


The data is a snapshot of our land and property assets. The file contains:

  • Unique Asset Identity
  • Name of building/land or both
  • Street Number or House Name
  • Street Name
  • Postal Town
  • Postcode
  • Whether the asset is freehold or leasehold
  • Whether the asset is land only or it is land with a building

Work is currently ongoing to reclassify the estate. An integral part of this is to verify data and reformat to have an easily identifiable classification system. We are committed to improving the data published and our goal is to publish the full set of information required by the transparency agenda, both in its current format and ultimately to map all data using ESRI GIS mapping software accessible to all.


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Last updated: 8 May 2019 | Last reviewed: 8 May 2019