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Salaries and expenses

The data published below is made public under the Open Government Licence, which encourages the ‘use and re-use of the Information that is available under this licence freely and flexibly'.  Please read and agree to the Open Government Licence before making use of the data.

Please note that where a dataset has been updated, or revised to correct administrative error, a second version is published and the original will remain available.

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Expenses are incurred in the preceding month and paid in the stated month

2020 - 2021MonthYear

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Senior employees salaries and roles

With the introduction of job families and generic role profiles at the Council the following context statements are reflective of the overarching job responsibilities for the senior employees who are earning £50,000 and above.


The Executive Directors work alongside the Leader of the Council to deliver the Business Plan and set the business strategy for the council to achieve its aims and desired outcomes. The Executive Directors, along with other members of the corporate leadership team, make all corporate and financial management decisions impacting across the whole council, partner organisations and community groups. They drive change and encourage innovation and transformation across the council in order to inspire teams to deliver the best services for the community of Wiltshire.

Impact on whole council revenue budget circa of £850 million. The number of direct reports will be between 4 and 6.


There are two levels of Head of Service, both reporting directly to an Executive Director.

Level 1

Heads of Service at this level have sole responsibility for a large corporate function or significant service to include both operational and strategic responsibilities. These Heads of Service are the council’s lead professional in the function and will be managing a significant service which has a wide-ranging impact across the whole council.

Level 2

Heads of Service at this level are responsible for distinct service areas, or managing multiple teams within the same operational service or function. They may have responsibility for a significant number of staff across different teams in the same service area.

Delegated budget lead for own functional area circa £100,000 to £1 million. The number of direct reports will be between 6 and 16.


The Strategic Specialist is responsible for a discrete specialist service or workstream which has impact across the council. They will manage a small team of specialist staff, or a larger team of operational staff within the same specialist service area. They will report to an Executive Director.

Delegated budget circa £100,000 to £1 million. Where the specialist role has direct reports the number will be between 6 and 16.


We are required to publish organisation charts for the top three levels of the organisation by the Local Government Transparency Code 2015. This includes publishing the maximum salary amount for the grade of each post but the actual salary of the postholder is not quoted. Instead, bands of £5,000 indicate a range within which the postholders current salary falls.


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