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Car parking information

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Parking charges to be reintroduced at all Wiltshire Council car parks, full details can be found in the news article.

Parking information

MiPermit allows you to pay for parking in Wiltshire by text or online.

You can register to this service by:

  • Texting 60300 with the word PARK followed by your vehicle registration number.
  • Complete the MiPermit registration service.

Once you have registered you can use this service by:

  • Texting 60300 wih the word PARK followed by the location number, followed by the duration you wish to stay in minutes.
  • Calling 0345 505 1155 and following the automated systems requests.
  • Texting 60300 followed by the word EXTEND, followed by the duration you wish to stay in minutes if you need to extend the length of your stay.
  • Visiting MiPermit if you wish to pre-arrange your parking up to 7 days in advance.
Free Parking in Corsham Car Parks on Friday 7 December 2018 for Christmas Light Switch on. Close

Maintenance and reporting a car park fault

Although regular inspections capture most of the defects, sometimes deterioration or damage happens between inspections. Let us know if you notice any defect so an inspection and repair work can be carried out.

You can report car park problems using My Wiltshire or you can contact us directly.

If you think the problem is immediately dangerous, please contact us directly.


All machines are checked regularly, but sometimes machines fail between checks or are vandalised and need remedial works. Most machines have a wireless link to the internet and are constantly monitored for security reasons.

Please make a note of the letter and location of the machine and contact us on 01249 706131.


We aim to make our car parks as safe as possible for users. We salt the 43 most used car parks during the winter period (October to April) when there is a risk of ice in response to weather conditions, using specialist vehicles.

When we salt car parks

Decisions are based on ground temperatures rather than air temperatures, and salting is likely whenever ground temperatures are near freezing. Other factors such as moisture, heat retention and time of day or night will influence the decision. Treatment by salt is normally carried out after the evening peak traffic period or before the morning rush. This is because frost and ice do not normally affect ground surfaces until late evening or early morning.

Which car parks we salt

With such a large number of car parks, it would be unrealistic and uneconomical to attempt to treat all of them. The car parks have been selected on size, location and number of users. See List of the 43 most use car parks in the download section below.

Please remember that the main priority for the council is to keep the major routes clear and if salt stocks fall or there are periods of prolonged cold weather, resources will be committed to the highway network.

Therefore you should never assume a car park has been salted.


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Last updated: 1 June 2020 | Last reviewed: 1 June 2020