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Parking and waiting restrictions

On street parking and waiting restrictions

Double yellow lines are in force at all times and are not accompanied by any additional signage. You may load and unload on double yellow lines, this process needs to be continuous and may not be interrupted by other activities. 

All parking and waiting restrictions will be clearly signed, detailing any permitted times of parking.

Requesting parking and waiting restrictions

All waiting and parking restrictions require the making of a Traffic Regulation Order which involves lengthy legal and administrative procedures.

  • If you’d like to request new or amended parking or waiting restrictions i.e double yellow lines, you need to contact your local town or parish council and seek their approval for your suggestion. They will send you our waiting restriction request form which you will need to send back to them. They will then contact us so there is no need for you to do so. Find your town or parish council here.
  • Your request is forwarded to us via your local council at the beginning of the year.
  • Officers will undertake a review of the requests received in each area and if it is felt that restrictions are a viable option for the problems presented will draw up plans.
  • The plans are sent to the local council for approval and comments. Once approval has been granted the TRO is prepared for the consultation period.
  • The TRO undergoes a formal public consultation in which it appears in the local paper, on site notices and on our webpage. Current consultations can be found here.
  • Time-scale – From conception to implementation, TRO’s can on average take approx. 9 months, this can be longer for more complex schemes.
  • Prevent dangerous or obstructive parking
  • Assist with the general flow of traffic
  • Improve road safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improve visibility at junctions
  • Improve access for emergency services and refuse vehicles
  • Deter commuter parking

For parking issues across driveways, within a 30mph speed limited junction, a cul-de-sac turning head and road alignment a request will only be considered if it meets one of the following criteria:

  • There are genuine safety concerns i.e poor visibility with vehicles approaching at high speed.
  • There have been three or more accidents recorded in the last five years which have resulted in injury.
  • It can be demonstrated that there is a regular problem of indiscriminate parking. Proof may be provided by individuals in the form of photographs taken over a period of time.
  • Public transport companies and waste management vehicles are experiencing access issues. 
  • Emergency Services are experiencing access issues.


Current Map Based Traffic Regulation Orders (MBTRO)

You can view the details of current parking and waiting restrictions by choosing a MBTRO location below.

Off street parking and waiting restrictions

Wiltshire Council controls 68 surface and multi storey car parks that are controlled by a legal order. Please refer to the documents in the download section.

For any further information contact us.

Off street parking and waiting related downloads

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Last updated: 27 November 2019 | Last reviewed: 27 November 2019