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Online payment - how to find your invoice references

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To pay a bill online you need to enter the reference number from the invoice or parking ticket you have received from the council. Below are some examples of bills sent by the council.

You can find the relevant reference numbers by matching the example images shown to your invoice.

You will need this reference to pay a bill online

Council tax bill

Look for 'Account Reference'

View bill detail

Non-domestic rates bills

Annual bill

Look for: 'Account Number

View bill detail

Daily bill

Look for: 'Account Reference'

View bill detail

Housing benefit overpayment bills

Look for: 'Invoice Number'

View bill detail

Other bills or invoices

Rent Payment (South Wiltshire only)

Look for: 'Your Rent Ref:'

View bill detail

General Invoice (ie: for garden waste bins)

Look for: 'Document Reference'

View bill detail

Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket)

Look for: PCN Number

View bill detail


Last updated: 15 August 2012



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