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Report a dangerous structure

How to report dangerous structures including buildings, parts of buildings, walls and other structures

Buildings and structures can become dangerous following a fire, an explosion, the impact of a vehicle or due to storm damage or high winds. If you need to report a dangerous structure then please use the contact details below and give as much information as possible.

Monday to Friday 9am – 5.00pm

Call us on 0300 456 0113


Call us on: 0300 456 0100


Once a report is received a surveyor will visit the site to access the danger and any risks 

  • We’ll try and contact the owner for them to remove the danger.This may be by removing loose bricks, tiles or by fencing off the danger to stop access.
  • If the owner is not present and immediate action is required then we can take emergency powers to make the situation safe.

If there is no immediate danger 

  • We’ll contact the owner of the building or structure and request them to remove the danger
  • If this isn’t done within a specified time we can get a court order that requires the owner to carry out the work.


  • The costs of any works carried out can be recovered from the property owner and may be registered as a charge on the local property register.

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Last updated: 18 December 2019 | Last reviewed: 18 December 2019