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Local land searches

Unfortunately turnaround times have increased due to technical difficulties with some IT systems, meaning although searches could be partially worked on, some of the work could not be completed. Regrettably this has led to an increase in turnaround times across all forms of search requests. As searches are partially complete it is not possible to give timescales for the return of searches.

Please be assured that the team are working hard and will endeavour to reduce the turnaround times at the earliest opportunity.

We apologise for these delays and appreciate your patience and understanding whilst the team work to reduce the turnarounds.

How to Request

You can submit directly by post including cheque payable to Wiltshire Council

Local Land Charges
Wiltshire Council
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN

or via email to locallandcharges@wiltshire.gov.uk then call 0300 0034574 to complete your payment by phone. 

Searches cannot be commenced until we receive payment. See fees below.

We also accept searches from the following online channels,  NLIS and TM

We return all searches via email or to the online channel that was used.

Please make sure before submission that you have provided:
•Name/address of property/land to be searched
•Email Address in Contact details - as this is how we will return the search.
•Clear plan showing the area/property to be searched against outlined in red

The Forms*

LLC1 (Official Certificate of Search)

Con29 (Enquiries of Local Authority)

Con29O - Optional Enquiries

*We do not provide copies of forms - please contact the Law Society or your solicitor.

Current Fees

Local Land Charge fees from 1 April 2017

Standard Official Search (LLC1 and Con29)£168.60*
Official certificate of search (Form LLC1)£30
Enquiries of local authority - Con29R£138.60*
Enquiries of local authority - Con29OOptional enquiries (each) £21.48*
Each additional solicitor's own enquiry£29.16*
Additional parcels of land (each)£16.68*
Copy of search£29.16*
Copy of documents12p* per sheet


*Includes VAT

Commercial and Residential fees are the same.

If you require a quote for larger searches please contact us via email with a plan attached.

How to Pay

We currently accept Cheque and Phone Payments - please see 'How to Request' above.

Personal Searches

A personal search is an inspection of the Local Land Charges Register, which can be carried out by anyone. For more information on how to request a personal search please see FAQ's.

Frequently Asked Questions

We needs a plan with a clear red outline showing what you would like searched against to carry out the search.


If your search is urgent, please contact your Solicitor as they will need to contact us explaining your circumstances. We cannot guarantee, however we will do our best to accommodate all extreme circumstances.


If you are purchasing a property or piece of land at auction, contact us via email with the date and auction pack at the earliest opportunity.


Personal searches can be undertaken at County Hall within the following opening times:

•Monday - Thursday 10am - 5pm
•Friday 10am - 4pm

All requests to view the Local Land Charges register should be emailed with a legible plan provided.

The Local Land Charges register information will be made available to view 5 working days after the receipt of the email providing the email is received before 5pm at the end of that day. For example a request received in the office on Monday would be available to view from Monday the following week for a period of 5 working days.

It's the responsibility of the company/person to make sure the correct address and appropriate plan showing the site to be searched against edged in red is emailed to Local Land Charges. If no plan is received or any clarification is required this may lead to a delay in making records available for viewing.

The output report must not be interpreted in any way to consumers, estate agents or solicitors as implying that a full or part Local Authority Search has been carried out. The report is purely an extract of our data files and is provided for interpretation by the company/person who requested it.

Useful links -
East Maps   
South Maps 
North Maps  

If you have not carried out a personal search with us before please contact us and we will explain the process.


We do not provide drainage and mining searches, you will need to contact your Solicitor.


Please contact the Land Registry in Weymouth on 0300 006 0411 for queries regarding Land ownership, boundaries or deed packs.


Contacts for copies of documents* and queries

*there may be charges for this service.

For copies and more information on planning matters view the Planning Services pages.

For more specific enquiries email developmentmanagement@wiltshire.gov.uk.


CIL Schedule

For more information and copies contact cilands106@wiltshire.gov.uk


Check the Assets of Community Value spreadsheet: ACV or contact assetsofcommunityvalue@wiltshire.gov.uk


For information and copies of documents about Advance Payment Code contact  HighwaysDevelopment@wiltshire.gov.uk.

For more information and copies of documents contact the Legal Team officesupportteam@wiltshire.gov.uk

For information and copies of documents see the Highway records page.


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Last updated: 2 July 2020 | Last reviewed: 2 July 2020