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Local land searches

The National Land Information Service (NLIS)

The National Land Information Service (NLIS) is a government initiative aimed at delivering services electronically, with the ultimate aim of speeding up the conveyancing process by using electronic transactions. The NLIS connects users directly to land and property information held by local authorities, central government and other organisations that provide official sources of land and property data. All NLIS searches are classified as ‘official' searches as they are sourced directly from and interpreted by the local authority and other official data providers. All statutory indemnities remain preserved and transferred to end customers.

Types of land searches

A Local Authority Search can consist of the following:

  • The LLC1 - official certificate of search: and
  • CON 29R - Enquiries of Local Authority
  • CON 29O - Optional Enquiries

The LLC1 certificate search is produced from the Land Charges Register. This is a statutory register which is maintained by all local authorities throughout England & Wales. The register consists of 12 parts:

·         Part 1      General financial charges

·         Part 2      Specific financial charges

·         Part 3      Planning Charges

·         Part 4      Miscellaneous charges

·         Part 5      Fenland ways maintenance charges

·         Part 6      Land compensation charges

·         Part 7      New towns charges

·         Part 8      Civil aviation charges

·         Part 9      Opencast mining charges

·         Part 10    Listed building charges

·         Part 11    Light obstruction notices

·         Part 12    Drainage scheme charges

An official search of this register ensures prospective purchasers of property/land are not caught unaware of obligations enforceable against successive owners by the Local Authority.


The CON29R - enquiries of local authority - is a provision for prospective purchasers of property/land to find out about pending issues on the property/land other than that shown in the LLC1 search. The CON29R is important in establishing things such as the status of highways, road improvement schemes, planning proposals, pending conservation areas, building regulations, enforcement and contaminated land. 

CON29R requests should be submitted to Local Land Charges at:

Local Land Charges
Wiltshire Council
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN
Tel: 0300 003 4574

A breakdown of the different CON29R enquiries you can request is available in the sidebar. 

All required responses will be returned to you in a printed format. The output report is purely an extract of data files for interpretation purposes by the company/person who requested it.

Please include the following information when submitting your request:

  • Name/address of company/person making request.
  • Clear identification of the enquiry within the non-public data that you wish a response to be provided for. Please use the references on the CON29R enquiries breakdown.
  • Clear plan showing the area/property to be searched against
  • Appropriate fee insert fee when confirmed 

Please note that enquiries 2, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 must be made to:

Highway Records
Wiltshire Council
Bythesea Road

Tel: 01225 713042
Email: highwayrecords@wiltshire.gov.uk

Requests will be actioned upon receipt of the appropriate fee and data will be returned via the preferred method requested.

You need to make sure that the correct and appropriate plan is provided showing the site to be searched against edged in red/thick black line.

The output report must not be interpreted in any way to consumers, estate agents or solicitors as implying that a full or part Local Authority Search has been carried out. The report is purely an extract of our data files and is provided for interpretation by the company/person who requested it. 


 The CON29O allows prospective purchasers of property/land to request additional enquiries; in particular the route of a public footpath, bridleway or byway and environmental and pollution notices.

You can obtain these forms from your solicitor or from a law stationer. 


Land charge fees from 1 April 2017

Standard official search (LLC1 and Con29)£168.60*
Official certificate of search (Form LLC1)£30
Enquiries of local authority - Con29R£138.60*
Enquiries of local authority - Con29OOptional enquiries (each) £21.48*
Each additional solicitor's own enquiry£29.16*
Additional parcels of land (each)£16.68*
Copy of search£29.16*
Copy of documents

12p* per sheet

*Includes VAT

Personal searches

Personal searches of the Local Land Charges Register can be undertaken at the address below during the following opening times:

  • Monday - Thursday 10am - 5pm
  • Friday 10am - 4pm

Individuals/agents are expected to leave the office by the end of the opening times. 

Local Land Charges
Unit 4
Ascot Court
White Horse Business Park
BA14 0XA

All requests to view the Local Land Charges register should be emailed to the appropriate email address below with a legible plan.

It's the responsibility of the company/person to make sure the correct address and appropriate plan showing the site to be searched against edged in red or black is emailed to the relevant generic Local Land Charges email. If no plan is received or any clarification is required this may lead to a delay in making records available for viewing.

Contact us

The Local Land Charges register information will be made available to view 5 working days after the receipt of the email providing the email is received before 5.30pm at the end of that day  ie, a request received in the office on Monday would be available to view from Monday the following week for a period of 5 working days.

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Last updated: 28 July 2017 | Last reviewed: 28 July 2017