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Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan

Purpose of the Plan

The purpose of the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan is to support the delivery of new housing set out in the Wiltshire Core Strategy (adopted January 2015).

The DPD will address two key matters:

  • Revise, where necessary, settlement boundaries in relation to the Principal Settlements of Salisbury and Trowbridge, Market Towns, Local Service Centres and Large Villages; Further information is available below, and
  • Allocate new sites for housing to ensure the delivery of homes across the plan period in order to maintain a five year land supply in each of Wiltshire’s three Housing Market Areas over the period to 2026.

The plan will present proposals and associated policies designed to be in general conformity with the adopted Wiltshire Core Strategy and national planning policy. It will consider sites in relation to the geographic area of Wiltshire, but excluding Chippenham which has been dealt with in a separate DPD


‘Settlement boundaries’ are essentially defined as the dividing line between areas of built / urban development (“the settlement”) and non-urban or rural development (“the open countryside”).  At present, settlement boundaries exist at Wiltshire’s Principal Settlements, Market Towns, Local Service Centres and Large Villages, as defined by draft Core Policy 2 of the emerging Wiltshire Core Strategy. 

The existing ‘settlement boundaries’ were originally drawn up several years ago and included within the old District Council Local Plans. The Council did not review the extent of the boundaries to inform the Wiltshire Core Strategy (WCS) and relied upon the former district local plans. They would instead be reviewed as a part of preparing the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan.

The Council has undertaken a comprehensive review of the boundaries to ensure they are up-to-date and adequately reflect changes which have happened since they were first established. The Plan amends settlement boundaries where necessary. It is also the prerogative of local communities to review them through the preparation of neighbourhood plans.


Consultation on the Pre-submission draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan

Wiltshire Council published the draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan, along with accompanying evidence reports, for formal consultation during a 10 week consultation period, which ran from Friday 14 July 2017 until 5:00pm on Friday 22 September 2017.

The draft Plan and supporting evidence documents are available to view and download by following this link. They can also be viewed via the consultation portal.

Copies of all comments are now available to view via this link to the consultation portal.

Following the consultation, the council is now considering the comments received before submitting the draft Plan and supporting evidence to the Secretary of State for examination.  All comments received during this consultation will be passed on to the appointed independent Planning Inspector at that stage.

The draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan was approved by Wiltshire Council’s Cabinet on 20 June 2017. To view the papers that went to cabinet please follow this link.

Community engagement and consultation

To assist with the preparation of this Plan, the Council has so far undertaken three consultation exercises:

Formal public consultation on the scope of the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations DPD (March – May 2014). Close

The council undertook an informal consultation with Parish and Town Councils whose area includes settlements with existing boundary lines.  The decision to solely engage at this stage with Parish and Town Councils was taken because they are elected to represent their respective communities and have detailed knowledge of their local area.  However, in the interests of openness, the consultation material was made publicly available. The informal consultation ran for an 8-week period, from Monday 28 July until Monday 22 September 2014.


Informal consultation with parish and town councils on draft proposals for revised settlement boundaries (July – September 2014)


Informal consultation with parish and town councils and other stakeholders on a draft methodology and initial findings relating to the identification of housing allocations (February – March 2015). This has been followed up with a targeted consultation of Parish Councils with Large Villages (June – August 2015).



The next steps in the preparation of the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan are outlined in the timetable that is set out in the latest Local Development Scheme (LDS) (2017) and can be found below:

  • Initial consultation on the scope of plan April 2014 May 2014
  • Plan preparation (including evidence gathering and informal consultation) May 2014 May 2017
  • Publication of plan for pre submission consultation Commencing Qtr 3 2017
  • Submission to Secretary of State During Qtr 2 2018
  • Examination (including hearing and receipt of Inspector's report) Over the period Qtr 3-4 2018
  • Adoption During Qtr 4 2018

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