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Salisbury Conservation Area Appraisals

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Salisbury Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans

Salisbury conservation area

We are undertaking a review of the Salisbury Conservation Area, in line with the guidance from English Heritage.

The proposal is to disaggregate the Salisbury Conservation Area into four separate conservation areas namely: Britford, Milford Hill, Old Manor Hospital and Salisbury City. Each conservation area will have its own appraisal which will: give an overview of the history and development of each area and define what is special about them. They also identify specific features that contribute to their character, for example buildings that are locally significant, important open spaces and views, and boundary treatments.

The management plans attached to the conservation area appraisals identify measures to maintain or improve the character of the conservation areas. For example, they might include a list of the vulnerable buildings and buildings at risk, proposals for enhancement, and suggested boundary revisions where this is considered appropriate

Previous public consultation on the conservation area appraisals and management plans - January 2010

We have consulted extensively on the appraisals in January 2010, however, the process was not followed through to the end of the full process. The Council is now seeking to resurrect the process. In view of the lapse of time, it seemed appropriate to re-consult those directly affected by the boundary changes.

You may view the draft reports by clicking on the links below:

The draft conservation area appraisals and management plans are the subject of a six-week public consultation beginning on 21 January 2010. Your comments are being sought on the appraisal documents and the recommendations in their associated management plans by no later than 12 September 2014.

Ways in Which You Can Comment

Should you wish to comment on any of the four draft conservation appraisals or management plans, then please email the response form to developmentmanagementsouth@wiltshire.gov.uk

Alternatively, post your responses to:

The Conservation Officer
Wiltshire Council
The Planning Department
Bourne Hill

Please provide your name and address clearly on your response so that your response can be acknowledged and followed up with you directly if required.

Please note that all comments received in respect of public consultation will become background papers (as defined in the Access to Information Act 1985) and accordingly will be available for public inspection and kept for a period of 4 years.

After the Public Consultation Period

After the public consultation period ends, the comments will be reviewed and where considered appropriate, revisions will be made to the appropriate documents. The documents will then be presented to Cabinet for ratification. Anyone directly affected by the boundary changes and submitting comments will be notified in due course of the date of the Cabinet meeting.

Further Information

If you would like to receive further information regarding the conservation area appraisals and management plans, or if you are having difficulty in viewing the documents, then please email your query to developmentmanagementsouth@wiltshire.gov.uk or contact the conservation team on telephone number 01722 434387.

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