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Planning guidance and leaflets

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You can download guidance leaflets on the following planning permission topics:

Planning for travellers

Householder guidance

Trees and hedgerows


Development related travel plan and transport assessment guidance

These guidance documents are designed to assist and accelerate planning applications for proposed residential and commercial developments.

Development related Travel Plan Guidance
This guidance document is intended to support developers and consultants when preparing Travel Plans as part of the planning process. It provides guidance to developers and consultants in preparing high quality Travel Plans in a consistent manner. It can also be used by organisations who wish to produce a Travel Plan on a voluntary basis.

Transport Assessment Guidance
A Transport Assessment scoping form is provided in Appendix 1. This form is designed to assist and expedite pre-application discussions for proposed developments by identifying the types of information likely to be relevant to the consideration of planning applications. It will be used as a basis for pre-application discussions with the council, and will ensure that sufficient information is available for the authority to make objective judgements on the transport implications of development proposals and the appropriate level of assessment.

A Transport Statement template is provided in Appendix 2. This template should set out the transport issues relating to a proposed development site; existing conditions and the impact of the development proposals. It should be completed by the developer and supplied with the planning application. Forms should be returned to: highwaysdevelopment@wiltshire.gov.uk

Last updated: 1 November 2019


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