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Is your development ready for superfast broadband?

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We recommend that all developers work with a telecommunication partner or subcontractor in the early stages of planning for any new development to make sure that Next Generation Access Broadband is a fundamental part of the project. Access to superfast broadband should be thought of as an essential utility for all new homes and businesses and given the same importance as water or power in any development design.

Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) defines superfast broadband infrastructure capable of delivering speeds higher than 24Mbps, in line with the OFCOM definition. Developers need to take this into account when planning any developments. This will involve liaising with a telecom provider to decide the appropriate solution for the development and the availability of the nearest connection point to high speed broadband.

The UK Government is committed to providing access to a minimum download speed of 2Mbps. Wiltshire Council’s Business Plan 2011-15 allocated £16m of investment to target existing infrastructure in the areas of Wiltshire that do not meet this standard and to make sure that at least 91% of all premises can access superfast broadband. Funding will be used to support the capital infrastructure costs of providing a faster broadband network.

Wiltshire Online programme

In January 2013, we awarded BT the contract to provide to 91% of all premises access to Superfast Broadband. Further details about the timescales and rollout plans are available from Wiltshire Online

What you should do

To decide the access available to your future development you should contact a broadband provider for example:

Broadband providers such as these, and others in the market, can help you to understand the solutions available to your development. It is important to consider a provider that will offer choice of product to your house purchaser, enabling them the freedom of choice and cost throughout the ownership of their home or business.

There are broadly three approaches to providing access to broadband for your house or business purchaser and each will have a bearing on the speeds that are then available. With our superfast broadband project, we are predominantly focusing on FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) and some FTTP (Fibre to the premises) solutions.

Digital Britain

The Digital Britain report 2010 made key recommendations to make sure that all parts of the UK have access to high speed broadband, in particular a Universal Service Commitment (USC) of 2Mbps to all premises by 2015. In August 2012, the government announced its ambition to have the fastest broadband in Europe by 2016.

Houses without broadband could be worth as much as 20% less than comparable properties with a good connection, according to experts who say superfast speeds are increasingly important to prospective homebuyers.

With soaring numbers going online to perform everyday tasks or to work from home, a robust connection is considered so vital that the property search website Rightmove has added a broadband speed checker button to every one of its listings, alongside details of transport links and schools. Estate agents report that rising numbers of buyers are willing to pull out of a deal if broadband is not available in that area.’’ The guardian/Observer 2 March 2014

More advice

For further information and advice, please refer to the planning advisory service website

You can read the government’s strategic view to broadband provision and other national infrastructure projects in the National Infrastructure Plan 2013

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