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Planning policy evidence base

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The planning policy evidence base comprises a number of studies, reports and assessments that support documents, such as the emerging Wiltshire Core Strategy, which are produced by the Spatial Planning team.

Wiltshire Core Strategy key supporting documents

Sustainability appraisal

This Sustainability Appraisal Report has been published to accompany the Submission Core Strategy document. Sustainability appraisal is a process that is carried out as an integral part of developing the core strategy, with the aim of promoting sustainable development through the integration of social, environmental and economic considerations. It is a requirement of national and European legislation and is subject to the same level of public consultation and scrutiny as the core strategy.

Sustainability appraisal is an ongoing and iterative process, influencing the core strategy as it develops. This report follows on from a first draft of the Sustainability Appraisal Report, published in October 2009, which accompanied the document ‘Wiltshire 2026’, and an Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report which accompanied the second iteration of the core strategy, published in June 2011.

Habitats Regulations Assessment

The Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) assesses any impacts of the core strategy against the conservation objectives of sites of European importance for nature conservation, within and outside Wiltshire, to ascertain whether it would adversely affect the integrity of any sites concerned.

The HRA process is an iterative one and has been reviewed and amended as the core strategy has developed.

Topic papers

In total there are 16 topic papers that form part of the evidence base that supports the emerging Wiltshire Core Strategy. These topic papers have been produced in order to present a coordinated view of some of the main evidence that has been considered in drafting the emerging core strategy. It is hoped that this will make it easier to understand how we have reached our conclusions.

Below is a full list of topic papers.

Wiltshire-wide studies, reports and assessments (since April 2009)

Work towards one core strategy for Wiltshire began shortly before the transition to a unitary authority in the county. The following evidence base studies have either been produced since then, or they relate to Wiltshire as a whole.

Documents Date published
Wiltshire Infrastructure Delivery Plan September 2013

Trowbridge Transport Study

January 2012
October 2012

Devizes Transport Study

January 2012
September 2012

Chippenham Transport Strategy

July 2013
Wiltshire Core Strategy Consultation Document - Consultation Statement January 2012
PDFWiltshire Historic Landscape Assessment Wiltshire Historic Landscape Assessment 6mb January 2012
PDFEqualities Impact Assessment Equalities Impact Assessment 495kb January 2012
PDFGreen Infrastructure Strategy Update Green Infrastructure Strategy Update 412kb January 2012

Annual Monitoring Report

(Including 5 year land supply statement)

December 2011

Wiltshire Workspace and Employment Land Review

December 2011
PDFStrategic Housing Market Assessment Strategic Housing Market Assessment 7mb December 2011
PDFAffordable Housing Viability Assessment Affordable Housing Viability Assessment 937kb December 2011
Wiltshire Workspace Strategy August 2009
South Wiltshire Employment Land Review December 2011
PDFLandscape Assessment Landscape Assessment 229kb November 2011
PDFChippenham draft core strategy strategic sites delivery and trajectory information Chippenham draft core strategy strategic sites delivery and trajectory information 952kb November 2011
PDFChippenham alternative strategic sites delivery and trajectory information Chippenham alternative strategic sites delivery and trajectory information 1mb November 2011
Surface Water Management Plan November 2011

Salisbury Plain Sustainable Communities Project

June 2011
PDFFuture Employment Needs in Wiltshire Future Employment Needs in Wiltshire 2mb April 2011
Wiltshire Town Centre and Retail Study March 2011
PDFChippenham Workshop Report Chippenham Workshop Report 417kb March 2011
Wiltshire Sustainable Energy Planning Study January 2011
PDFChippenham Visioning Event Report Chippenham Visioning Event Report 3mb September 2010
Housing Land Availability Report April 2010

West of Swindon report

West of Swindon study

PDFThe Swindon Small Scale Urban Extensions Evidence Review Paper The Swindon Small Scale Urban Extensions Evidence Review Paper 479kb

October 2009

February 2012

PDFSouth Wiltshire Core Strategy Equalities Impact Assessment South Wiltshire Core Strategy Equalities Impact Assessment 479kb July 2009
Wiltshire Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 June 2009
Wiltshire LDF Sustainability Appraisal April 2009
PDFWiltshire LDF Strategic Transport Assessment April 2009 Wiltshire LDF Strategic Transport Assessment 1mb April 2009
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)  
May 2009
March 2008
December 2011
Wiltshire Landscape Character Assessment December 2005

Area-based studies, reports and assessments

Prior to there being a unitary authority in Wiltshire, the four district councils were each developing their own set of planning policy documents, including individual core strategies. The evidence base documents produced to inform these processes are available below. The work undertaken towards the former district council core strategies will not be wasted but instead continue to inform the preparation of the Wiltshire Core Strategy and associated documents.

Salisbury District Council did not amalgamate its core strategy process with those of the other district councils. Instead, it continued to pursue a separate core strategy for the south of Wiltshire, now called the South Wiltshire Core Strategy. The evidence base documents used to inform this document are available through the link below.

  • South Wiltshire (former Salisbury District Council), now South Wiltshire Core Strategy)

Minerals and waste studies, reports and assessments

Evidence base documents to support the Minerals and Waste DPDs are available through the link below.

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