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Housing Land Availability Report

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What is the housing land availability report?

The housing land availability report (HLA) monitors housing development according to the housing requirements in the Wiltshire Core Strategy (adopted January 2015).

The HLA report monitors all dwelling completions and losses across Wiltshire, this includes new developments and the conversion of existing buildings. Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople pitches are formally classified as dwelling completions, but are not included in the main body of this document. These completions are presented in a separate table within the document.

Please note that the housing monitoring methodology has evolved and improved since it began. In some cases this will affect direct comparisons with the information from previous years.

Download a PDF version below.

PDFHousing Land Availability Report 2016 Housing Land Availability Report 2016 6mb

Past Housing Land Availability Reports
PDFHousing Land Availability Report 2015 Housing Land Availability Report 2015 6mb
PDFHousing Land Availability Report 2014 Housing Land Availability Report 2014 24mb
PDFHousing Land Availability Report 2013 Housing Land Availabilty Report 2013 13mb

We have Housing Land Availability Reports going back to 2006. If you would like a copy of one of these reports, please contact spatialplanningpolicy@wiltshire.gov.uk who will arrange for one to be sent to you.

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