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Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

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In December 2008, Scott Wilson Ltd was commissioned to provide a high level executive summary for the commencement of Wiltshire Council, in April 2009. This summary draws together the information provided in the Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessments (SFRAs) previously produced for the individual District Councils.

The report summarises information on the application of the Sequential Test, a broad scale assessment of flood risk for the potential strategic developments, flood risk management measures for consideration for new developments, recommendations for flood risk policy and site specific Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) guidance.

In addition, there will be a brief overview of the collation of the datasets and the accompanying Geographical Information System (GIS) layers for use by Wiltshire Council along with recommendations on the maintenance and update of data sources for future decision making.

The accompanying GIS layers will also be used to inform the Minerals and Waste Local Development Documents (DPDs) and the Minerals and Waste Level 1 SFRA is being update in tandem with this document. This will ensure that the available data is consistent across the Wiltshire Council administrative area, providing continuity in the decision making process.

Wiltshire Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) High Level Executive Summary

The PDF2013 SFRA 2013 SFRA 4mb update report is relevant to both minerals and waste and general development planning matters and provides an update to the existing Level 1 SFRAs (including Minerals and Waste Level 1 SFRA documents), but does not completely replace them, instead this 2013 SFRA report should be read in conjunction with these existing documents.

A copy of the Wiltshire Strategic Flood Risk Assessment High Level Executive Summary, published in June 2009, is available to download below.

Previous District and Minerals and Waste Strategic Flood Risk Assessments

To access the Level One Strategic Flood Risk Assessments produced for the individual district councils, click on the links below.

To view the Minerals and Waste Level One Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, click on the following link to the Minerals and Waste Evidence Base page:

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