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Physical activity

  • Pregnancy:
    • Exercise during pregnancy is good for you and your baby
    • Aim for 150 minutes per week
    • If you are used to doing regular exercise, keep it up, but do what feels comfortable for your body.
    • Don't push yourself too much or start high impact exercise for the first time.
  • From birth
    • Encourage physical activity from birth
    • Be active with your child
      • Try a range of activities - explore the outdoors, swimming, walking to the shops, playing with toys, helping to prepare a meal
      • Limit sedentary time, including time spent sat in a pushchair or sat in front of the tv
      • Be active when travelling - walking or scooting as much as possible to avoid getting in the car
    • Active Wiltshire
    • Leisure Centres - activities range between Leisure Centres; free swimming for under 16's in school holidays, pre-school gymnastics, swim school
    • For physical activity support during pregnancy: Bloom (Trowbridge and Chippenham Birthcentres) call 01249 456539; PIMS (Salisbury Hospital) call: 07917 073470
    • For physical activity support for non-pregnant adults see Health trainers web page
    • NCMP reception data (children aged 4-5 years old) - 21.3% of reception aged children are carrying excess weight in Wiltshire
    • 1 in 10 children aged 2-4 years old regularly meet the Chief Medical Officer's physical activity guidelines of 180 minutes a day nationally
    • Physical Activity Guidelines Under 5's (are walking)
    • Physical Activity Guidelines Under 5's (not walking)

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    Last updated: 20 March 2019 | Last reviewed: 20 March 2019