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Workforce training

Public health related training is provided for statutory, non statutory or voluntary staff working in Wiltshire. A wide range of training is available to build staff confidence, knowledge and skills to support the health and wellbeing of the people they work with.

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is about making the most of every opportunity you have with the people you come into contact with.

Everyone who interacts with the public is able to make a difference to the healthy and wellbeing of the population by encouraging and supporting individuals to change behaviours that may be damaging to their health. Telling people what to do is not the most effective way to help them change. MECC is a skills-based training opportunity that encourages a different way of working and interacting to address poor health and inequalities.

For information about MECC courses in Wiltshire and to book your place, please visit Eventbrite. For further information about MECC please contact Helen Aston (helen.aston@wiltshire.gov.uk).


Wiltshire’s Sexual Health Service for young people aged 13-24 years, called No Worries!, offers a range of free training around sexual health and relationships to all those who work with young people to help them feel more confident about discussing these subjects.

For further information, contact Sadie.adams@wiltshire.gov.uk. To view upcoming dates and to book a place go to Eventbrite.


This Train the Trainer course is designed for community settings, such as schools, care homes and anywhere hygiene and microbe awareness is important. It is fun, interactive and informative. The attendees will learn about microbes and how they spread; how to stop the spread and personal hygiene and self-care. It is a 3 hour course and will enable the attendees to either train others or use elements of the package to inform and educate others. There are elements that can be used with both adults and children.

To book onto the course please go to Eventbrite

For further details, contact Katie.smith@wiltshire.gov.uk 


Stop Smoking Training is available for anyone working in a setting in Wiltshire where they are able to offer one to one support to smokers who are trying to quit. The training to become a Stop Smoking Practitioner in Wiltshire includes completing online E-learning at www.ncsct.co.uk and a one day face to face training.

Details of the courses available can be found at Eventbrite.

If you have any questions regarding this please email: wiltsstopsmoking@nhsnet or telephone: 0300 0034566


The aim of the training is to increase practitioner's confidence in raising the issue of weight with individuals they are working with. The standard training is 3 1/2 hours, and a condensed training session suitable for GP Practice staff. The training will guide practitioners through the support and provide the opportunity for practical application to put the skills into practice. The training course does include elements of role play which is essential to the learning and development of raising the issue of weight.

For more information about the training, or to discuss a bespoke training option for your staff contact Katie.davies@wiltshire.gov.uk


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Last updated: 29 March 2019 | Last reviewed: 29 March 2019