Public conveniences Survey
Autumn 2015
Future service consultation
You may be aware of the reduction in the government funding for Wiltshire Council and our need to continue to challenge what we provide and how it should be provided.  One of the services under review for 2015/ 16 is the public convenience service.  Council's do not have a statutory duty to provide public conveniences. Many town and parish councils already provide the public convenience service in their area. In some areas supermarkets and shops are open to the public to use, often with longer opening hours.

This survey seeks to identify the views of stakeholders on the future provision of the public convenience service. Please note that no decisions have been made as we want to hear from all stakeholders with their ideas and whether alternative operating arrangements can be found.
1. Are you answering this survey as an individual or as a representative of an organisation or group?
We know that public conveniences provide an important facility across a number of areas in Wiltshire. The cost of providing the service, the cleaning, maintenance and repair as well as effects of vandalism and graffiti mean that Wiltshire Council can no longer fund the service. This will mean that certain facilities currently run by Wiltshire Council will be transferred, sold or given to other organisations or groups that may be able to run the facilities themselves. If this is unsuccessful these facilities will close.

We are also looking at alternative ways of providing in effect more conveniences in public buildings and in partnership with commercial organisations. A scheme that opens up shops and commercial premises to users can provide a larger number of conveniences with better locations for users. Such schemes have operated successfully in some of our larger towns and cities across the country and are called "Community Toilet Schemes".
3. As Wiltshire Council's funding for public convenience service is no longer available, which of the following options do you think would be best? (you can tick up to three options if you think they might work)
There are 24 public conveniences run by Wiltshire Council across Wiltshire included in this review. These include 2 in Devizes, 2 in Bradford on Avon, 3 in Melksham, 2 in Westbury, 1 in Marlborough, 1 in Corsham, 1 in Castle Combe, 3 in Chippenham, 1 in Calne, 1 in Royal Wootton Bassett, 1 in Cricklade, 1 in Amesbury, 1 in Downton, 1 in Wilton, 2 in Warminster and 1 in Salisbury at the central car park. They are all checked and or cleaned twice a day. All other toilets run by Wiltshire Council which include 5 at the various Park and Ride sites and 3 other locations in Salisbury are not included in this review.
4. The Council provides public conveniences across some places in Wiltshire but not all. Others are provided by Town/Parish councils or have previously been transferred to local groups. There are also some in shopping and entertainment complexes while many public buildings have toilets available to the public. Which of the following ideas do you think would help make better use of all these facilities? (please tick your favourite method only)
5. If there was a Community Toilet Scheme in Wiltshire where participating businesses display a sticker in the window, so when ever you see this sign it means you are welcome to use these toilet facilities, would you agree or disagree with the following statements?
  More people would visit our town centres          
  It would be better than having to rely on the small number of council owned public conveniences          
  It would be better as vandalism and graffiti would be less likely          
  Private business facilities tend to be much nicer anyway          
  Community toilet schemes should be helped by small grants available for local businesses to encourage take up          
  Community toilet schemes would increase the number of potential customers for those businesses that take part          

Thank you for taking part in this survey. If you need any further information about the survey you can contact  Tim Woolford, Local Highways Area Manager South
Highways and Transport
Phone: 01722 438918

Results will be treated in confidence and will not be open to the public or third parties not connected to the Council.