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Health of looked after children

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Looked after children are those who are in the care of the local authority. They are likely to have experienced significant disruption in their lives and this can make looking after their health more difficult to achieve.

We know that being healthy is about emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as being physically healthy. Making sure that all looked after young people and those leaving care are healthy is extremely important in Wiltshire.

Children in Care Nursing Service

A wide range of services and professionals work to support looked after children, including the Children in Care Nursing Service.

This is a team of specialist nurses who work with health visitors and school nurses to make sure health assessments of looked after children are completed on time and to a high standard.

They also provide advice, support, and information to young people, carers and professionals to make sure the health needs of all looked after children aged 1 and under are met.

More information can be found on the Wiltshire Children's Community Health Services website.

Designated doctor and nurse

The designated doctor and nurse have a strategic role in overseeing the health of all looked after children placed by Wiltshire Council. They work in partnership with other health and local authority staff and provide advice to the council and NHS on planning; strategy and quality standards in relation to the health improvement of looked after children and the health services available to them.

To contact the designated nurse for looked after children please call 0300 003 4566.


Improve your skills in working with looked after children and-get trained. Visit the Wiltshire Pathways website for more information.

Useful websites for young people and carers

Talk to Frank - National drug education service which offers free confidential drugs information and advice 24 hours a day.

ChildLine - Need to chat to someone? ChildLine is a private and confidential service for children and young people up to the age of nineteen.

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