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Health of offenders

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Offender health covers the health and wellbeing needs of those in prison, on probation or in any other areas of the criminal justice system.

It is an important public health issue because those in the criminal justice system often have poorer health outcomes and experience wide ranging health inequalities when compared to the general population.

Commissioning health services in prisons and other secure premises is the responsibility of NHS England. They have a duty to make sure that the quality and level of services provided are comparable to those provided out in the community.

Her Majesty's Prison Erlestoke

HM Prison Erlestoke is the only prison in Wiltshire. It is a male category C prison with a capacity of just under 500. It focuses on preparing offenders for their release and has a number of intervention programmes, skill and vocational based training and education programmes in place to enable this to happen.

We work closely with the prison on a number of key health and wellbeing programmes, such as stop smoking, health trainers, health checks and sexual health services.

The key health and wellbeing issues for offenders include:

  • Mental health emotional wellbeing
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Dental health
  • Sexual health
  • Learning disabilities

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Public Health
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