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Sexual health

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Sexual health services include access to contraception, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, support and information about safer sexual relationships.

Most sexually transmitted infections are treated easily with antibiotics or creams you apply to the affected area. As with any infection, the earlier you start treatment the more effective the treatment is.

Poor sexual health can impact on your physical and emotional health.

If you are worried about symptoms or would just like information, contact your doctor, a local pharmacist or a sexual health service. The details of all sexual health services can be found on our No Worries facebook page.

Young people’s services

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No Worries is a confidential sexual health service for young people aged 13-24, which offers:

  • Chlamydia self test kits - to order online or find out where you can collect a kit, please visit Freetest.me
  • treatment for patient and partners
  • access to emergency hormonal contraception (EHC), commonly known as the morning after pill
  • follow up and signposting to other services you may need
  • sexual health risk assessment to identify young people who are vulnerable to make sure they get access to the service they need

Follow No Worries on facebook  or contact No Worries at noworries.nhswiltshire@nhs.net

If you see this logo you will know that the service works hard to make your visit ‘young people friendly’. Staff will listen to your feedback and have been trained to help and support you in the best way

Sexual health clinics

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Sexual health and genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics offer a range of services,that include:

Sexual health services at GP surgeries

Services available from your family doctor

  • advice and signposting to sexual health services
  • access to a full range of contraception
  • advice about abortion

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