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Public protection enforcement policy

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What happens if we find something unsafe or against the law?

It depends on the circumstances. When Wiltshire Council inspectors take enforcement action, they follow an Enforcement Policy Statement.

Inspectors are trained to use their judgement to make sure that employers in similar circumstances are treated in a similar way. Any action required by inspectors will be proportional to the risks involved.

We use formal enforcement powers when it is the most appropriate way of dealing with the matter.

We might:

  • Warn or advise you, either verbally or in writing, on the steps needed to put things right; or
  • Issue either an improvement or prohibition notice; or
  • Prosecute the company and/or individual breaking the law.

How do we decide the appropriate type of enforcement action to take?

In order to ensure we have a fair and effective approach to enforcement action by officers, the authority has adopted an Enforcement Policy.

Last updated: 23 September 2014


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