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Wiltshire and Swindon Countryside Access Forum

Wiltshire and Swindon Countryside Access Forum

The members of the Wiltshire and Swindon Countryside Access Forum (WSCAF) represent a wide variety of interests including those of walkers, cyclists, horse riders, carriage drivers, trail riders and motorised drivers, farmers, land managers and rural businesses, education, local communities and nature conservation.

They are fulfilling their statutory role in advising Wiltshire Council, Swindon Borough Council and other bodies on ways to improve access to the countryside and related areas for residents, visitors and tourists.

Members on WCAF represent a range of interests related to accessing the countryside. Under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 members Membership has to be reasonably balanced between land-managing and user interests and complemented by ‘other’ relevant interests. Members are not appointed to represent their organisation but are appointed as individuals. To contact any member of the forum please contact the WCAF Secretary in the first instance: rightsofway@wiltshire.gov.uk


WCAF meets two to three times per year, and main meetings are open to the public subject to some conditions. If you are thinking of attending a meeting you must contact the Secretary a week in advance as most meetings for cost and location convenience are held at Westdown Camp which is a restricted access MOD site.


A review of membership is to be undertaken so there are no meetings planned in the near future.


Previous meetings

Previous meeting papers available by email, contact the WCAF Secretary.

Membership Review

The membership of the forum is currently being reviewed. If you would like to apply to be a member, the application form and supporting information can be found below. The closing date for applications is Friday 13 March 2020.

Membership application form and supporting documents

LAF guidance PDF (562kb)

Wiltshire and Swindon Countryside Access Forum - Current Members

  • Post to be filled
  • Post to be filled
  • Chairman and Bridleways Officer British Horse Society, Wiltshire
  • Member of the BHS, Regional Rights of Way Committee for the South West
  • Qualified and practising Solicitor with approx. 40 years experience in land law and development transactions and projects, including rights of way issues
  • Keen horse rider with particular interest in long distance hacking
  • Very interested in maintaining rights of way and expanding the rights of way network
  • Farmer
  • Believes that rights of way are part of our history and should be kept clear and in good use.
  • Believes that Access Land was a waste of time and money and the funds should have been spent on the rights of way network.
  • Independent (unaffiliated) LAF member representing ‘other’ interests
  • Countryside Access, access strategy & development and rural access tourism specialist
  • Keen to ensure children can access countryside, especially by traffic-free cycling
  • Keen for the LAF to promote and enhance Wiltshire’s countryside and join up access land, PRoW, green roads and other sites to benefit farming and rural economy
  • Chair of Calne Area Transport Group – focusing on the promotion of safe cycling and walking
  • Member of a Community Area Board
  • Keen walker, equestrian and cyclist
  • Particular focus is on more accessibility and informed use
  • Rights of Way & Road Conservation Officer, Trail Riders’ Fellowship
  • Keen to facilitate evidence-based discourse and help produce an accurate Definitive Map
  • Has enjoyed recreational use of Wiltshire’s countryside by most methods
  • Area Footpath Secretary for the Wiltshire Ramblers
  • Particularly interested in the maintenance and improvement of existing rights of way
  • A keen walker, cyclist and in particular equestrian.
  • Interested in the historical evidence of rights of way.
  • Keen to encourage conservation.
  • Senior Access and Recreation Advisor for DIO.
  • Seeking the appropriate balance between military training and recreational use across the military estate.
  • Keen walker and mountain biker.
  • NFU County Adviser for Wiltshire representing ~800 farmers and growers
  • Interest in partnership working between landowners, local authority and network users to ensure safe, responsible use of RoW in the county
  • Particular interest in carriage driving. Would like to see improvements to the rights of way network so that this pastime can take place off road as much as possible as there are much more motorised vehicles on the roads.
  • Keen to see byways preserved, maintained and in good use.
  • Treadlightly

CAF maintenance paper. Review of maintenance and recommendations to Wiltshire Council for improvements

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Last updated: 28 February 2020 | Last reviewed: 28 February 2020