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We are proposing changes to the opening hours for our Household Recycling Centres. (HRC's). You can find out more information on our household recycling centres operating hours page.

You can recycle a wide range of materials from the kerbside and at the household recycling centres. This helps us to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill and means we are working towards recycling 50% of all Wiltshire’s waste.

You can recycle your waste by using your:

Recycling can be taken to any of the household recycling centres or mini recycling sites

You can also recycle some waste at home using compost bins and food waste digesters

If you have larger items such as furniture, fridges or washing machines you can arrange a large item collection or if they are in reasonable condition can be donated to various furniture recycling charities

For a more complete list of what and where to recycle look at the recycling A to Z

You can help by recycling as much of your household waste as possible. For tips on how to reduce your waste, please visit the Recycle for Wiltshire website.

Last updated: 20 March 2015



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