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Supporting Salisbury and Amesbury communities

Salisbury Central Area Framework consultation

(including joint consultation with the Environment Agency about the River Corridor Improvement project)

The Salisbury Central Area Framework (CAF) will help shape the future of the city centre and provide recommendations that will guide future developments and initiatives in the area to make it a more vibrant, attractive and sustainable place.

The River Corridor Improvement project aims to improve the watercourses in central Salisbury which will help reduce flood risk to residents and businesses, build climate change resilience, enhance existing and creating new spaces for biodiversity and improve public enjoyment of the river.

Local residents and businesses were invited to submit their views on these two important projects from 16 January to 28 February 2020. This consultation is now closed and we are analysing the feedback so that a final version of the CAF can be produced, which will be adopted by the Council later this year.

Salisbury's park and ride sites

Shoppers and visitors can enjoy the unique shops and attractions that Salisbury has to offer by using one of the park and ride sites in the city.

All park and ride services cost £3 return per person or £4 per group of up to 4 people travelling together, representing a saving on the cost of all-day parking in the city centre. 

With a convenient schedule and many park and ride services running from around 6am until after 11pm, Monday-Saturday, why not use the park and ride to enjoy the best of Salisbury.

The five park and ride sites are located at Wilton, Beehive, London Road, Petersfinger and Britford. Find out more.

In addition, parking continues to be free after 3pm every day at Salisbury's Culver Street Car Park, and all of Salisbury's car parks are free of charge to use every Sunday.

Find out more about Openreach in Salisbury

Openreach connects homes, schools, shops, banks, hospitals, libraries, governments and businesses – large and small – to the world.

It works on behalf of more than 600 communications providers such as Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone, and BT, and its fibre broadband network is the biggest in the UK, passing more than 27 million homes and businesses. 

Over the last decade, Openreach has invested more than £11 billion into its network and it now manages more than 160 million kilometres of cable, and it's continuing to take that network further - making superfast broadband speeds available to thousands more homes and businesses every week. 


Over the next 12 months, Openreach engineers will be busy building a new faster, more reliable and future proof broadband network throughout the city. This new network delivers fibre optic cables all the way from the local exchange right to people’s front doors, also known as Fibre-to-the-Premises technology (FTTP) or Full Fibre.


The Government has set a target to deliver a reliable, future-proof, full fibre broadband network to everyone in the UK by 2033, in place of our old copper network that lasted over 100 years. 

Openreach is investing billions of pounds to be the national FTTP provider and is well on-track to making full fibre broadband available to three million homes and businesses by the end of 2020 – and ten million by the mid-2020s, if we have the right conditions to invest. 

It has chosen Salisbury as one of the first places to benefit, and we’re excited to be cracking on with the project. 


It will make a huge difference for both residents and businesses in Salisbury for decades to come. 

Full fibre infrastructure, which runs from the exchange all the way to people’s front door, is an incredibly exciting opportunity. As well as adding even more reliability and resilience to broadband connections and making them less likely to drop out, FTTP can deliver speeds of up to 1 Gigabit – that’s 24x faster than average speeds today.

For families in Salisbury, an FTTP connection means streaming any HD entertainment you like, or downloading content in the blink of an eye – on multiple devices at once, without buffering or interruptions. In fact, downloading a typical HD film would take less time than it takes to make a cup of tea. And things like home working will become a breeze.

And for local shops, hospitals and schools, it means greater productivity, efficiency, reliability and flexibility – whether that’s to help students benefit from the latest in online learning, or to enable patients in care to video call their loved ones.

For businesses and sole traders in Salisbury, an FTTP connection will help them compete in markets all over the UK and around the world. It makes uploading, downloading and transferring large files much easier and enables vital new digital services like uninterrupted monitoring, video conferencing and streaming, as well as enabling things like greater flexible working for staff.

Full fibre connectivity will also pave the way for new 'smart’ technologies like artificial intelligence and Internet of Things – powering amazing new services like sensors that monitor the health of our elderly or keep roads jam free, apps that show drivers where the nearest available parking spot is, or buildings that regulate their own heating and lighting. All innovations that can improve city management, reduce costs, boost productivity and improve quality of life. Smart Cities rely on everything being connected to each other and full fibre broadband provides the capacity, resilience and reliability needed to support these new services.

Fibre optic cables are also much more resilient than copper, meaning fewer faults and simpler, quicker repairs.


For the next 12 months, Openreach engineers will be working hard to deliver full fibre to the Salisbury. The company will be using the latest technology, like tiny underground cameras that inspect ducts for blockages, to avoid digging up the streets. Where it really needs to, the company will be working in underground ducts to lay new fibre optic cabling. But wherever possible, it will make use of the vast existing network of underground ducts and poles wherever possible to avoid roadworks, and work overhead (up telephone poles), to avoid disturbance.

Not only that, but Openreach will lay down even more fibre than it needs to, so that as Salisbury’s demand for data continues to grow in the decades to come, there’ll be more than enough capacity for the technologies of tomorrow.

Of course this is a major infrastructure upgrade, so there will be more engineering teams working around the city, but thanks to some really close collaboration with Wiltshire Council, Openreach believes it can keep disruption to an absolute minimum. It will keep you posted with any major developments and milestones along the way.

If you have any questions or comments about the build, please contact Openreach.


At present, Openreach is working on the Salisbury area. To find out when you can get fibre in your area, enter your details at Wiltshire Online, and they'll let you know when fibre is available for you.


Openreach is responsible for building and maintaining the UK’s digital infrastructure. It expects the first customers in Salisbury to be able to order an FTTP service by the end of 2019 - but it will depend partly on what the engineers encounter on the ground.

However, you won’t be automatically upgraded - you’ll need to get in touch with your broadband provider to see if they offer a service over the new network..

Once available, the next step is to choose the company you’d like to supply your internet. Then you should contact them to order your chosen broadband package. Use Ofcom’s Boost Your Broadband Tool to find the best deal for you. 


Given the new network is faster, more reliable and will last for decades, it is likely that new packages might cost a bit more. However broadband is a highly competitive market, and the advantage of having Openreach build the network is that they are an open wholesale provider which give all retail ISPs the opportunity to compete – meaning increased choice for consumers and businesses.

Use Ofcom’s Boost Your Broadband Tool to find the best deal for you. 


Research by industry regulator Ofcom has shown that millions of customers could be over-paying for their broadband, and could be able to access faster speeds for the same price.  

So in December 2018, Ofcom launched its ‘Boost Your Broadband’ campaign, aimed at helping people get cheaper, faster broadband from their service providers. Using the online tool, you can check your broadband options and select the best package for you.


Full Fibre is more then just about faster speeds, it's a much more reliable and resilient, so is far less likely to suffer from faults or service drop outs. More importantly, it is future-proofed which means it has plenty of extra capacity to support our ever-growing demand for data hungry services and applications. Full fibre will increasingly be the go-to product to fully meet our future broadband needs. 


If you’re at home or work and have a problem with your telephone line, broadband connection or want to change an engineer appointment you will need to contact your communication provider (whoever bills you for that service). They will raise the issue with us on your behalf.

Openreach is managing the build, so if you have any questions about the build project, or have problems with the build, please contact Openreach.

If you need help for other reasons, please contact Openreach.


Litter picks and public health advice

Wiltshire Council is supporting communities to carry out organised litter picks in areas covered by Salisbury, Amesbury, Southern and South West Wiltshire Area Boards. Wiltshire Council is supporting community groups to carry out organised litter picking events in line with the Great British Spring Clean guidance. However, the ‘if you didn't drop it, don't pick it up' advice from Public Health England remains in place for casual, non-organised litter picking. 

If a community group has an event arranged they are encouraged to contact their local Community Engagement Manager with details so that they can provide specialist litter picking equipment and advice to support the event.

Community groups who have an event booked can contact their Community Engagement Manager at areaboards@wiltshire.gov.uk to ensure their litter pick is supported. All litter picks will need a nominated person who will take responsibility for the event.

Forthcoming community meetings

Proposed timeline at The Maltings

These timescales are subject to obtaining appropriate consents and commercial agreements with third parties.

Masterplan for The Maltings and Central Car Park

Fisherton Street new library, hotel etc. (Phase 1) This timeline is on hold at present
Market Walk and existing library redevelopment (Phase 2) This timeline is on hold at present
Progress update to Salisbury Area Board 7 March 2019 (completed)

Public consultation on draft masterplan for The Maltings and Central Car Park 15 April - 24 May 2019 (completed) 

Progress update to Salisbury Area Board 16 May 2019 (completed)

Review and analyse responses to the masterplan for The Maltings and Central Car Park May 2019 (completed)

Masterplan to be considered at Strategic Planning Committee 19 June 2019 (completed)
Fisherton Street application to be considered at Strategic Planning Committee 19 June 2019 (completed; the application was rejected)

Fisherton Street build start on site summer 2019 (on hold)
Planning application for mixed use Market Walk scheme 2019 (on hold)

Procurement of main build contractor for Market Walk / library works spring 2020 (on hold)

Market Walk public realm and enabling works commence summer 2020 (on hold)

Phase 1 completion and relocation of library services autumn 2020 (on hold)

Demolition of existing library building winter 2020/21 (on hold)

Practical completion of Market Walk redevelopment spring 2022 (on hold)

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Last updated: 27 February 2020 | Last reviewed: 27 February 2020