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School transport arrangements

While we expect all our buses to run on time, unexpected delays and problems may occur. If your school/college bus does not arrive, please wait at the bus stop until 30 minutes after the bus is due, then ring the Council’s Education Transport Hotline on 01225 713365. We will then contact the company for you and arrange alternative transport if necessary.


Information on school and college buses in Wiltshire can be obtained by ringing the Council’s Education Transport Hotline on 01225 713365.

Students who are being issued with a bus pass by the Council should also find this information included on the backing card onto which the pass is attached. Please remember that students should always be at the bus stop 5 minutes before their bus is due


In order to avoid the risk of overloading, school buses can normally only be used by children or students who have been issued with a bus pass for that route by Wiltshire Council. However, there are a few exceptions so to check if this rule applies on your route, please ring the Council’s Eucation Transport Hotline on 01225 713365.


Students are only able to travel on the bus for which their pass has been issued. If there is more than one bus serving your area, it may be possible for you to change buses if there is space available - please ring the Council’s Education Transport Hotline on 01225 713365 to find out if this is possible. Please also ring this number if you wish to change your pick up point.


We regret that it is not possible to provide extra transport for those students who choose to stay behind for extra-curricular activities. However, occasionally, we may be able to arrange for your bus pass to be accepted on an ordinary bus service if one is available at no extra cost - please ring the Council’s Education Transport Hotline on 01225 713365 if you need this facility.


Please ring the bus company direct on the telephone number shown on the backing card which the bus pass was attached to. If you cannot find this, please ring the Council’s Education Transport Hotline on 01225 713365 and we will do our best to help.

Please note that it may take a few days for your property to be recovered and that you may have to go to the company’s office to collect it. A small administration fee may also be charged by the bus company.


Please listen to your local radio station to see if your school is closed or if the bus has been cancelled. If there is no announcement, go to your pick up point for the normal time. If the bus has not arrived 30 minutes after it is due, please ring the Council’s Education Transport Hotline on 01225 713365 for advice. In bad weather, it may be necessary for the bus company to cancel the morning school journey at short notice if they do not believe that they can reach the school safely.


Transport may also be provided in exceptional circumstances such as a temporary emergency move or short term medical condition. Please contact the Passenger Transport Unit to discuss what help may be available.


If your child has a statement of special education needs, please refer to the Travel support document found at the bottom if this page.

School transport arrangements download

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