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Yes, if the vehicle that your child is transported on is fitted with them they must be worn. From May 2006, it became a legal requirement for all passengers to wear seat belt on buses and coaches with seat belts fitted.


Contact the transport support and training team and give details of your child’s transport with your specific concerns. The team will then implement a full investigation and take any necessary action to ensure that the complaint is resolved in the shortest possible time.


All Wiltshire school closures will be notified by local radio stations. Alternatively parents can either ring the school or visit the school's website for further information.

Should a school close part-way through the day parents will be contacted to arrange the early return of school pupils. Transport operators will endeavour to run their normal service early, unfortunately this may not be possible for the bus service. For pupils whose parents cannot be contacted, arrangements will be made to keep them at school until the end of the day at which point they will be transported home as normal.

Other than this drivers will be expected to use their discretion as to whether a road is passable or not. Parents, guardians and teachers can help operators by advising them of adverse weather conditions in their locality.

Drivers may choose to abandon a journey if driving conditions are deteriorating. In these circumstances, the children will be returned home. If the driver takes the decision to cancel the journey to school then they will have no responsibility for conveying the child home should the child access the school by some other means.


In the event of an accident or breakdown, stay on the bus unless it is unsafe to do so. Follow the advice of the driver - if there is likely to be a delay, they will normally seek help by telephone.

Do not make your own arrangements to get to school or home without first contacting the school or your parents. Drivers will have access to a mobile phone or radio so that they can endeavour to maintain contact with their base, the school they serve and the passenger transport unit.


Travelling on home to school transport should be a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. Bad behaviour on school transport can be dangerous and affects the safety of passengers. If you have any concerns regarding incidents of misbehaviour, bullying, vandalism or smoking on transport or at the bus stop, report it to a member of staff at school or the transport support and training team who together will be able to resolve the issue and ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Wiltshire Council has the right to withdraw entitlement to transport, both temporarily or permanently, following a student causing a disruption or jeopardising the safety of other passengers. In this case transport becomes the responsibility of the parent, along with any cost of repairs for deliberate damage.

To report an incident on school transport contact the passenger transport unit.


Additional equipment and baggage will only be carried if there is room and it can be safely stored or secured.


The passenger transport unit produces a leaflet entitled “Safe School Transport”. This leaflet contains information about timings, alterations, safety and behaviour and is  produced to ensure your child has a safe and pleasant journey. If you haven’t already received a leaflet contact the passenger transport unit or download it below.


If you are unhappy about a decision which has been made regarding transport entitlement for your child, you can pursue your request further. You should submit in writing the circumstances to be considered to the education transport entitlement manager.

If your application is refused again, you can request for your case to be heard by the appeals panel. The panel will consider all aspects of your case and provide a response within 3 days of the hearing. This is the last avenue of appeal within the council. For further details on this appeals procedure and to request a form, contact democratic services on 01225 718024.



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