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Changing your child's school in the middle of a school year (in-year transfer)

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Shortcuts for changing your child's school in the middle of a school year (in-year transfer)

You may be applying for a school place outside of the usual time of entry. This might be because you have moved house, because your child is unhappy at their current school or because they have been excluded.

These are known as transfers or in-year applications. You should not remove your child from their current school before you have made a transfer application and secured a place at another school.

Living in Wiltshire and transferring to another Wiltshire School

If you live in Wiltshire and would like to apply for a transfer to another Wiltshire School you should complete a transfer application form and return it to the school admissions team at Wiltshire Council. You should only complete a transfer form if your child is changing schools during the academic year. You cannot complete a transfer application online.

If you are applying for a community or voluntary controlled school we will make the decision on your application. If you are applying to a foundation, voluntary aided school or academy the governing body will make the decision. The school admissions team will write to you within 20 school days with a decision. Decisions will not be given over the telephone.

Applications for places at Wiltshire schools are considered a term in advance of your requested move date. In these cases the 20 school day turnaround time does not apply and a decision on the application will be made as soon as possible.

An offer will be made at one school based on the admissions criteria of the school and, as far as possible, your preferences. Where it is not possible to offer a place at one of your preferred schools, and you live in Wiltshire, a place will be allocated by the school admissions team. If you cannot get a place for your child in your preferred school, you will need to go through the appeals procedure.

Whenever a child is refused admission to a voluntary controlled or community school their name will automatically be added to a waiting list,

Foundation and voluntary aided schools and academies look after their own waiting lists. If you have been refused a place at this type of school you should contact them directly.

Transfer applications for admission

If you wish your child to transfer to a school in Wiltshire, you should complete a Wiltshire transfer application form and return it directly to Wiltshire Council, even if you live outside the county.

If you wish your child to transfer to a school outside Wiltshire, you should contact the home authority for the school to clarify the admissions process.

Applications from service personnel moving into Wiltshire

When applying for a school place, children of UK Service personnel (HM Forces) or other Crown Servants are treated as meeting the residency criteria for a particular area, even if they don't yet own a house in the county. Until a fixed address is available, the unit address of the military base will be used and a school place allocated accordingly.

Parents are advised to attach proof of their posting to the transfer application form and a letter of support from the commanding officer if the posting note does not indicate the housing arrangements.

  • It is not always possible to allocate places in popular schools so no school place can be guaranteed.

If your child will be starting school in September with the normal round of admissions, parents must complete the paper application form and attach proof of their posting to the county. Applications for the normal admissions round can also be made online, please note that proof of address will need to posted to Wiltshire Council and must be received by the deadline date in order to be considered.

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