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School term and date calendar

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School term and holidays

Term dates for community and voluntary controlled schools are set by the local authority in consultation with neighbouring authorities and groups representing school staff.

The setting of term dates in all voluntary aided and foundation schools is the governing body’s responsibility. Academies are also responsible for determining their own dates. These schools can adopt the same dates as those agreed by the council but they are under no obligation to do so. Please check individual school websites for clarification if required.

Schools in the Mere and Tisbury area may choose between Wiltshire and Dorset dates.

Please see below for a summary of school term dates for Wiltshire’s community and voluntary controlled schools for the academic year 2015/16 and 2016/17:

School year 2015/2016

Term Term starts Term ends Holidays
Term 1 2015 Tuesday 01/09/15 Wednesday 21/10/15 Thursday 22/10/15 - Friday 30/10/15
Term 2 2015 Monday 02/11/15 Friday 18/12/15 Monday 21/12/15 - Friday 01/01/16
Term 3 2016 Monday 04/01/16 Friday 12/02/16 Monday 15/02/16 - Friday 19/02/16
Term 4 2016 Monday 22/02/16 Thursday 24/03/16 Friday 25/03/16 - Friday 08/04/16
Term 5 2016 Monday 11/04/16 Friday 27/05/16 Monday 30/05/16 - Friday 03/06/16
Term 6 2016 Monday 06/06/16 Friday 22/07/16 Monday 25/07/16 - Wednesday 31/08/16

School year 2016/2017

Term Term starts Term ends Holidays
Term 1 2016 Thursday 01/09/16 Friday 21/10/16 Monday 24/10/16 - Friday 28/10/16
Term 2 2016 Monday 31/10/16 Friday 16/12/16 Monday 19/12/16 - Monday 02/01/17
Term 3 2017 Tuesday 03/01/17 Friday 10/02/17 Monday 13/02/17 - Friday 17/02/17
Term 4 2017 Monday 20/02/17 Friday 07/04/17 Monday 10/04/17 - Friday 21/04/17
Term 5 2017 Monday 24/04/17 Friday 26/05/17 Monday 29/05/17 - Friday 02/06/17
Term 6 2017 Monday 05/06/17 Friday 21/07/17 Monday 24/07/17 - Friday 31/08/17

Staff development days

In Wiltshire, all five staff development days (or the equivalent of 30 hours) are set at the individual school's discretion. Your child's school will be able to inform you of their arrangements for taking these training days. All days will be taken within the 195 published term days.

When can your child leave school?

For further information on when your child can leave school please refer to the Raising the Participation Age (RPA) page.

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