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South Wiltshire Core Strategy Examination Archive

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On this page you will find background information and material from earlier stages of the South Wiltshire Core Strategy Examination in Public (EiP).

For the most up-to-date information on the EiP, you will need to visit the main examination page, which you can do by clicking on the link below.

Previous stages in the EiP

Stage Date
Procedural meeting to discuss the way forward 28th January, 2011
Suspension of Examination in Public Until 9 November, 2010
Consultation on changes to the RSS 7th to 21st June, 2010
Consultation on major changes to the submission draft 13th May to 11th June, 2010
Examination in Public hearing sessions (including submitted statements) March to April, 2010
Pre-hearing sessions meeting 14th January, 2010

The following background information is also accessible on this page:

Procedural Meeting to Discuss the Way Forward

The Examination into the soundness of the South Wiltshire Core Strategy was suspended in late July 2010 to allow the Council time to consider the implications of the Secretary of State’s announcement of his intention to abolish Regional Spatial Strategies. Normally such a suspension would not last longer than 6 months in order to avoid uncertainty on the part of those who have submitted representations.

Given the time that has elapsed, the Inspector considered that a Procedural Meeting should be held to discuss the way forward. This meeting was held on the 28th January, 2011, within the Marlborough Room of the Red Lion Hotel, Milford Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2AN starting at 14:00. The Programme Officer wrote to all representors with an invitation to attend and to confirm arrangements.

A note of the procedural meeting and a letter from the Inspector to the council, dated 5 April, 2011, are available to download below.

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Suspension to the South Wiltshire Core Strategy Examination

Following the Government’s announcement to revoke Regional Strategies the Inspector wrote to the Council on 2 July 2010 (see below) asking whether it wished him to complete and conclude his report on the basis of the housing and employment figures included in the Submitted Core Strategy. In response to questions from the Council to the Programme Officer regarding the timing of any possible suspension of the Examination, the Inspector made the following comments via the Programme Officer in an email dated 2 August 2010:

“We find ourselves in highly unusual circumstances with the abolition of the RSS taking place towards the end of the Examination of the South Wilts Core Strategy. It is understandable, therefore, that the council needs time to consider its position and I will give them that time. As I understand the Council will not decide whether or not it will press ahead with the housing and employment figures contained in the submitted CS or whether it will revise those figures until the full Council meeting in November and I am happy to suspend the Examination until then.

Once the Council has made its decision on this matter, and assuming that it does decide to produce revised housing and employment figures, it will be necessary to determine how much additional time the council requires to produce those figures (if it has not already done so), to justify them and to carry out the necessary consultations and Sustainability Appraisal.

It may be that it would be useful to hold a Procedural Meeting following the November meeting at which we could discuss these matters in public. Alternatively it may be that these matters can be dealt with by correspondence.”

The Council's response, in a letter sent 6 August 2010 (see below), was that it would be reviewing the housing and employment figures in the Core Strategy. Consequently, the Inspector agreed to suspend the Examination until 9 November 2010 (see letter below dated 10 August 2010) after which the position will be reconsidered.

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Pre-hearing meeting

A Pre-Hearing Meeting for all representors to discuss procedural arrangements for the examination took place on 14 January, 2010, at the Red Lion Hotel, Salisbury. The agenda, guidance notes and minutes from the meeting are available to download below.

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Further information

List of main matters and examination programme

The list of main matters identified by the Inspector and the examination programme are available to download below.

Correspondence between the Inspector and Wiltshire Council prior to the hearing sessions

From time to time the Inspector will need to contact the council for information to assist his understanding of the Core Strategy and the Issues at hand.

The Inspector will never make direct contact with the council and will always explore queries through the Programme Officer. To ensure any queries are within the public domain, they will appear on this page and will be updated throughout the process.

Prior to the hearing sessions, the Inspector enquired in relation to the following matters:

  • The Summary of Representations
  • Changes to the Core Strategy
  • The Transport Assessment

A record of correspondence prior to the hearing sessions is available to download below.

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Core documents

List of core documents for the examination

A list of the core documents for the examination, last updated on 16 March, 2010, is available to download below

Documents submitted to the Planning Inspectorate

On 16 November, 2009, Wiltshire Council submitted the South Wiltshire Core Strategy and a number of supporting documents to the Planning Inspectorate.

These documents are available to download below or, alternatively, can be viewed at the council offices at 61, Wyndham Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3AH.

Settlement maps with housing policy boundaries removed/ retained

Maps of the settlements in south Wiltshire with the housing policy boundaries either removed or retained are available to download in alphabetical order below.

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