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South Wiltshire Core Strategy Schedule of Changes

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The council consulted on major changes to the proposed submission draft of the South Wiltshire Core Strategy. The Inspector discussed these changes during the hearing sessions of the Examination in Public (EiP).

The consultation took place between Thursday 13 May and Friday 11 June, 2010.

You can return to the main examination page for the South Wiltshire Core Strategy by clicking on the link below.

  • Main examination page for the South Wiltshire Core Strategy


A copy of all the responses received, along with officer comments, is available to download below. Also available are the representations on the advertised changes to the submission draft of the South Wiltshire Core Strategy, again with officer comments.

List of major changes

During the course of the Examination In Public a number of potential changes to the DPD were discussed, including changes relating to the following:

  • MAJ/01 - Page 41, Paragraph 5.3 (F) (Settlement Strategy)
  • MAJ/02 - Page 45, Core Policy 1 (The Settlement Strategy and distribution of growth in South Wiltshire)
  • MAJ/03 - Page 56, Paragraph 5.31 (e) (Transportation)
  • MAJ/04 - Page 64, New paragraph after Core Policy 5 (Protecting Retail Centres)
  • MAJ/05 - Page 101, Core Policy 12 (Porton Down)
  • MAJ/06 - Page 128, Paragraph 12.2 (b) (Phosphates)
  • MAJ/07 - Page 129, Core Policy 20 (Pollution and Phosphate Levels in the Water Environment)
  • MAJ/08 - Page 129, Paragraph 12.2(c) (Flood Risk)
  • MAJ/09 - Page 129, Core Policy 21 (Flood Risk)
  • MAJ/10 - Page 134, Paragraph 12.9, Paragraph 12.10, Paragraph 12.11 and Core Policy 25 (Air Quality)
  • MAJ/11 - Page 143, Appendix A (Development Templates for Strategic Growth Sites)
  • MAJ/12 - Page 145, Appendix A (Hampton Park Development Template)
  • MAJ/13 - Page 148, Appendix A (Fugglestone Red Development Template)
  • MAJ/14 - Page 151, Appendix A (Land at The Maltings / Central Car Park Development Template)
  • MAJ/15 - Page 154, Appendix A (Churchfields and the Engine Shed Site Development Template)
  • MAJ/16 - Page 158, Appendix A (UK Land Forces Head Quarters Development Template)
  • MAJ/17 - Page 161, Appendix A (Land south of Netherhampton Road Development Template)
  • MAJ/18 - Page 164, Appendix A (Longhedge, Old Sarum Development Template)
  • MAJ/19 - Page 167, Appendix A (King’s Gate, Amesbury Development Template)
  • MAJ/20 - Page 170, Appendix A (Former Imerys Quarry Development Template)
  • MAJ/21 - Page 173, Appendix B (Replaced Local Plan Policies (H19))
  • MAJ/22 - Page 177, Appendix C (Saved Local Plan Policies (G8))
  • MAJ/23 - Page 177, Appendix C (Saved Local Plan Policies (H19))
  • MAJ/24 - Page 213, Appendix F (Changed Local Plan Maps (Insets To Proposals Map))

The Council invited representations on the above changes only. The period for representations ran from 13 May 2010 until 5.00pm on 11 June 2010, with the following stipulations:

  • Please mark clearly which major change you are commenting on, for example MAJ/XX.
  • Please do not repeat previous comments that you may have made on the south Wiltshire Core Strategy Submission draft and only comment on the major changes identified. Comments previously submitted are currently being considered by the Secretary of State.

Sustainability appraisal

Policy changes have been subjected to a Sustainability Appraisal on which comments were also invited during the same period.

Representations procedure

The full text of the proposed changes and the Sustainability Appraisal are available to download below.

Representations should be submitted in writing by 5.00pm on 11 June 2010, either by email to james.sutton@wiltshire.gov.uk, or by post to:

Spatial Planning,
Wiltshire Council,
61 Wyndham Road,

Schedule of minor changes

A schedule of minor changes, such as minor wording changes for clarification or correction that do not raise new issues or result in questions as to the soundness of the submitted document, is available to download below.

Contact Details (LiveLink)

Multiple Contacts:
eMail: james.sutton@wiltshire.gov.uk
Telephone: 01722 434390
Out of hours:
Postal Address:

Spatial Planning (South Office)
Wiltshire Council
Council House
Bourne Hill

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Last updated: 7 July 2010


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