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Communities and voluntary sector support

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Wiltshire Council’s Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy

The strategy was launched at the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Assembly in September 2012. The strategy sets out the council’s corporate approach to working with and supporting the VCS in a way which is consistent with the Wiltshire Compact.

PDFWiltshire Council's Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy Wiltshire Council's Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy 502kb

Measuring the Impact of the VCS in Wiltshire

How does a voluntary or community organisation know that what it does is making a difference to the lives of the people or communities they are seeking to serve?

Wiltshire Council has partnered with the University of Bath to undertake a research project looking into the economic and social impact of Wiltshire’s voluntary and community sector.  Find out more about this area of work


The Wiltshire Compact is an agreement between local public sector bodies and organisations of the voluntary and community sector to support and improve partnership working between the sectors. It is also a model for relations between organisations in the same sector. Find out more about the Wiltshire Compact

Wiltshire Compact was shortlisted for a 2012 National Compact Award. Chair, Peter Baxter attended the awards ceremony on Wednesday 7 November at Central Hall Westminster.

Funding and Grants

Wiltshire Council provides over £24 million worth of funding to voluntary and community sector organisations in Wiltshire. This is either in the form of grants or where the council commissions a service. Find out more about funding and grants.

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